My mission is to honor your creative well-spring, to encourage you to believe that it is sacred, to help you experience it as your best resource, and to then provide you with tools to share the gifts that will rise forth as a result.




Advent Dark Journal

DECEMBER 1, 2024 - JANUARY 6, 2025

Online and in your home

Push back on the pressure to perform the holidays in picture perfect ways by sprinkling your days with creative gestures designed to inspire and comfort.

What if your holiday season felt sheltered?

Who would you be during the holiday season if you knew you had an oasis to return to, a place where you refuel?

Enrollment for Advent Dark Journal will begin on October 15, 2024. The workshop runs from Sunday, December 1, 2024 through January 6, 2025. An introductory event about Advent Dark Journal will take place in late October. Watch this space to register and learn more.

Advent Dark Journal gave me permission, in a sense, to pause more deeply. To lean into the artist of my soul. I am so deeply grateful for you. For your wisdom, for your warmth, for the fierceness of your soul, for your devotion, for all the ways you share your light.

Thank you so very much.

Love and gratitude,


The workshop costs $310. This includes 6 weeks of lessons posted on the Kajabi learning platform & community sharing within that learning space. Expect to be inspired by poems, a weekly centering meditation, and small art projects.

A luscious package of carefully curated art supplies for three small book forms, collage, and rituals. Each package contains 6 envelopes of treasures to be opened in concert with the weekly lesson release. The package also contains contributions from a delectable group of artists.

A guide for materials you will need to gather will be sent upon registration. Simple art supplies with a few special items are all that are required.

This workshop follows the Moon and the tides of nature as winter comes to the Northern Hemisphere. It is not connected to any religious practice. Intended for people ages 16 years on up.

Advent Dark Journal is a way to navigate the holiday season to find your own sense of the sacred.


Summer Solstice Community Creativity Session

with Suzi Banks Baum

Thursday, June 20th at 7 AM ET

A Morning of Writing and Ritual.

Join writer, artist, and ritual maker Suzi Banks Baum for 90-minutes of writing. Oh, come welcome the summer in your pajamas. Find a perch outdoors, or near a window, someplace where you can settle into the sweet space of shared creative practice.

This free Zoom event is part of a series offered seasonally by Suzi to instigate insight through writing and other small creative gestures. Please bring a journal and pen, along with a small simple set of watercolor paints or colored pencils. A hot cup of your favorite morning drink and a candle are lovely also. This meeting will not be recorded or shared.

A Warm Evening of Writing and Ritual

with Suzi Banks Baum

Wednesday December 20, 2023

Free event for the Rising Forth Community open to all ages 16 on up.

Join writer, artist, and ritual maker Suzi Banks Baum for 90-minutes of writing to wonder towards the New Year. Expect prompts to help digest the breadth of 2023 and enticements for this oncoming year. This meeting will not be recorded or shared. 

How to prepare: Please bring a journal and pen & pencil. A day-book or calendar for 2024. Small art supplies like a set of watercolors and brushes or colored pencils or stickers are fun to have, but not required. A hot cup of tea and quiet space to write.

Register Here

Thank you so much for the Community Creativity Session last weekend. I got so much out of it; I can hardly find the words. I find your prompts to be such a great way to enter in to the creative field - your questions for us are so full bodied, grounded, and lead to the unexpected core of things. It means so much to me - thank you!!

- xoxoxo

Alison Johnson




My backyard in Great Barrington, MA!

Backyard Art Camp is an outdoor book art & ritual workshop in the Berkshires

Camp 2024 is in the works. Stay tuned for more information in January 2024.

Link to frequently asked questions is here.

"Camp is sacred, essential, delightful, expansive, generative, meaningful, and such a messy-in-the-paint good time! This was a return to a familiar place, both in the magic that is Hollenbeck, and the familiarity of sisterhood, mudra flow, process, and celebrations with alumni sisterhood. Camp plants seeds in my heart - they root while I make paste paper - then they bloom all year long as I return to what we've created here in my daily practice." ‍


All supplies & printed instructions included in Camp fee. Also includes libations and bug juice.

You cover housing & travel & lunch. Look for rentals/hotels in the Great Barrington, MA area. Closest airports: Albany, NY & Hartford, CT.

Public transportation from the New York City & Boston area is convenient. My home is three blocks from Main Street, Route 7.

This program is for you if you...
  1. comfortable working outdoors in all weather
  2. want to nourish your attention and work with your hands-totally no tech situation here
  3. want to replace the nasty messages you got about how messy or wrong your art making is
  4. are an established artist seeking to fine tune your skills
  5. want to explore mixed media techniques, learn about inhabiting a journal, and are willing to play at the intersection of literary and book art.
  6. yearn for creative community and sanctuary where your creative expression will be valued above all else.

Mingle Magazine ran a gorgeous article about

Backyard Art Camp.




SEPTEMBER 18-22, 2024

5 Clary Road, Williamsburg, MA 01096

Let's make a blessing book together!

Snow Farm's Art & Wellness Retreat is a refreshing
immersion in creativity and well-being.

Books are among the oldest tools known to humans. Made from plant materials and marked with minerals in the form of inks or pencils, books desire to be used and carried, to be opened for catching a drawing, a note, or a dream. Bring papers from your life - old letters, art experiments, anything you have marked and cannot quite throw away - and combine them with eco-dyed vintage textiles and paste papers to construct your blessing book. The class will hand stitch into textiles and papers and embellish the surfaces with mixed media techniques. Explore journal techniques that invite you to the page daily. Expect to get messy and inventive as you build one Blessing book for yourself and one to gift. No experience necessary; all levels welcome.

*September 18 is the arrival day for this session. Workshop instruction starts on September 19 and ends September 22.



5 Clary Road, Williamsburg, MA 01096

Let's make a blessing book together!

Snow Farm's Art & Wellness Retreat is a refreshing
immersion in creativity and well-being.

More information forthcoming.

Savor the atmosphere of nature soaked creative practice.

Four full day classes with Suzi, followed by a variety of wellness workshops in Williamsburg, MA.

"I would take another class with this instructor in a heartbeat."

Learn more about the Art & Wellness Retreat at Snow Farm.