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What I Believe

I believe that daily practice connects you securely to your thoughts, clarifies your motives and alerts your senses that they are on the job, contributing to aliveness.

I believe daily creative practice funds a sense of wholeness, of integration, and taps interior inspiration. Because I live it, I see what happens when I let it slip, how my inner sky darkens and solutions elude me.

I see it in my students, who when they begin to engage their own daily practices experience life altering changes.

I believe daily creative practice lets you TAP YOUR TRUTH!

Are you skimming the surface of your life?

Do you engage with the strong, vibrant matter that is your own treasure?

Do you ever wonder what else you have in you?

I keep a daily journal.

I access my inner life and draw forth resources that give my work a gigantic dose of what makes me unique.

The more I know myself and what makes sense to me, the richer my life becomes.

This is what I want for you.

Where does daily creative practice begin?

Some days I have time for all of this. Some days, I get to one item. It will only become regular if we are gentle and forgiving with ourselves. No guilt!

My Ideal Daily Creative Practice:

I wake and pray.

I jot down a few notes on my dreams.

After I pee & brush my teeth, get tea, then light a candle and sit down to meditate.

I read a poem aloud.

I read a mentor text.

I might embroider or knit.

Then I do a physical practice, perhaps yoga, or if the weather permits, an early morning walk.

Then breakfast & conversation with my partner.

I take my tea and go to my journal. I write my daily pages.

At this point, I am ready for whichever job I am doing on this particular day.

Maybe today I am in the midst of mothering.

Or preparing curriculum for a workshop.

Or I am sewing books. Or, mostly, writing.


Have a question about Workshops or Daily Creative Practice? You’re in the right place.

Daily Creative Practice is a journey back to the feminine. Through years of working with my hands in daily creative practice I have found a way of bypassing my head that yearns for product-oriented work and allows me to dwell lushly in the wisdom of the feminine. The hand bound books I offer here, that I work in to daily, that we build at Backyard Art Camp or in New Illuminations in Armenia, are all sacred talismans, evidence of our individual journey home to the seat of our unique feminine knowing.

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Have a question about Workshops or Daily Creative Practice? You’re in the right place.