100 Day Primer


The 100 Day Primer is an e-book delivered as a printable PDF. Payment through PayPal for $25 gives you a robust guide with 16 solid ideas for creative activities you can do for 7 days. If you are ready to take the leap, do it for 100 days!

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Does daily creative practice stymie you?

A rock-solid creative practice is only solid because you show up every single day, no matter what the weather or political climate. Anything regular, whether learning to sing or paint tulips, requires a return to the action without expectation of a grand success.

Life is made of millions upon trillions of beginnings.

This is how books are written, how tapestries are woven, how an idea moves from brain waves to tangible expression. My offer is inspired by a chain of inspiration that caused Elle Luna to begin #the100DayProject on Instagram, now facilitated by Lindsay Jean Thompson.

With The 100 Day Primer, you decide when to begin. No pressure. No pace to match, just your own creative journey! Here is an example of some of what you will get for $25 in the Primer.

6. Create extra love everyday. Change it up or do the same thing for a week at a time. Pay for the person behind you in the line for coffee. Write a small love note and tuck it into the book you return at the library or on a shelf at the grocery store. Keep red lipstick in your pocket and leave a kiss mark on every bathroom mirror you peer into for 100 days. Create heaven on earth at your desk or your co-worker’s desk. Leave them a small flower, or a special rock you pick up on the beach. Create heaven on earth in your living space and for the people you live with. Make a small altar in your living space with a special photograph and a candle. Pause there and light it every day. ...

Available for $25, the workbook is delivered in a printable PDF chock full of 16 juicy suggestions, checkered with links and ideas for how to pivot in times of frustration. I also include a list of recommendations for how to sustain your experiment for 100 days in the 100 Day Project, which is curated by Lindsay Jean Thompson on Instagram. You can read about it here.

The 100 Day Primer is a self-guided experiment in daily creative practice. I provide you with ideas and inroads to how to do it yourself. You choose a set of days to begin in the comfort of your own home/studio/classroom/kitchen table!

Your commitment will support you to embody new learning. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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