Tap Your Truth

My mission is to honor your creative well-spring, to encourage you to believe that it is sacred, to help you experience it as your best resource, and to then provide you with a platform to share the gifts that will rise forth as a result of you honoring it in return.


Voice Lessons for Your Soul

with Suzi Banks Baum

The next Powder Keg Online will meet Thursday mornings from 8 AM-9:30 AM for 6 weeks, February 2018. Stay tuned here for registration.

We will meet for 6 weeks. Each class is 120 minutes long. Register for one of the 12 slots available for this intimate writing experience. Brand new features this year include a 30 minute 1×1 Rising Forth Session & a weekly centering meditation to help establish your daily writing practice.


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Where Your Inner Journey Meets Creative Practice

(Live Event in the Berkshires)

with Suzi Banks Baum

This intimate workshop meets in my home with a limit of four participants.

Stay tuned for next session dates.

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at the Ramsdell Library in Housatonic, MA

with Suzi Banks Baum

Fall sessions begin September 13

No registration necessary!

Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM





Voice Lessons for Your Soul


I’ve taught over 150 Powder Keg Workshops live in a variety of settings with a wide range of women, and even a few men. Now, I’m very excited to offer this program online after much testing and tweaking to be sure that your online experience will be as intimate and meaningful as it has been for the people who have attended live.

I find that what people need most to ignite their voices is just a little starter fluid, just a bit of urging, and the rising forth that commitment to your practice brings. I love to set the stage for creative exploration through writing and I have a closet full of great writing tools to get your pen rolling.

This online experience is all about reflection, interaction, and the magic of full expression. No critique. Call it Voice Lessons for your soul. Because if you don’t speak your deep truth, who will do it for you?

“Suzi Banks Baum is a gentle force; she embodies the wisdom and patience of an artist who has decades of practice to draw from. This is balanced by an open, child-at-heart, energy that makes any collaborative space safe, inviting, and inspiring. Whatever magic this is, she’s got it down pat. So glad I took the time to enjoy what she has to offer.” (Katey Schultz, author of Flashes of War)

Join this virtual sisterhood of women interested in the creative practice of writing as a plumb line to the truth and believers in the power of sacred community to nurture trust, honesty, and joy.


  • A writer
  • An artist
  • Neither
  • A business professional
  • A woman in mid-life
  • A young woman
  • A mother with young kids
  • A mother with grown kids
  • Going through a life-change
  • Hungry to make strides in your creative practice
  • Hungry for more meaning in your life
  • Hungry for more meaning in your work
  • Hungry for a creative community

What you need here is appetite. Show up with your appetite to write and rise, and I will feed you well.

The Powder Keg Writing Workshop offers you an opportunity to value your own sensations, perceptions, and experiences through writing. It will reveal to you your voice and a sense of purpose. As the wise healer, Sara Eisenberg teaches, “when we recognize, reclaim, integrate our orphaned experiences, we reestablish broken inner connections in ways that restore us to wholeness.” And I like to add, JOY.


“This course has delivered exquisitely as promised. My head and heart have cracked open in response to being tenderly taught to love my creative. Writing full bore is the result.”

“Before participating in Suzi’s program, I wasn’t writing and didn’t feel confident sharing my ideas with others via the written word. I was also not creating art, though I longed to. One of the goals of my business is to educate women entrepreneurs about business, accounting and financial strategy. One of the ways I do this is through writing articles and blog posts. Working with Suzi has helped me find my voice, and now I’m comfortable sharing my writing publicly. In my financial strategy and coaching work, I work closely with women who tell me their hopes, dreams and goals. Since working with Suzi, I have started to make handmade journals, the pages infused with the intimate details my clients share with me, as gifts for them. It feels so good to be blending art and strategy in this way. I love it that I can take computer breaks and make art effortlessly. It has become part of my work day. Suzi has taught me that what I have to say has value and she has opened the channels of creativity. Working with Suzi has changed my life for the better in so many ways.”

Carol LeBlanc, CPA

What comes with this offer?

  • Before we begin, you and Suzi will have a 30 minute Rising Forth Session 1×1 on the Zoom platform. This gives us a chance to meet and set in to motion your desires for your creative practice. We will set up a personal practice plan just for you.
  • Once a week writing time for 6 weeks, live via Zoom with the group and Suzi leading you in a centering practice, present writing prompts, and readings to get you ready to write.
  • Quiet companionship online while we do timed writings. We will have time for questions and a short discussion at the end of each class.
  • 24 hour access to our Haiku learning platform for the run of the class. This means you can dip in for prompts, our weekly centering meditation, and visual inspiration any time of day.
  • Fun frolics with poetry, dalliances with prose, and shimmies with those sleek empty pages in your journals that are just waiting to come alive with your words.
  • Our closing workshop will include time for us each to share a short piece of writing done in response to one of the prompts.

Supplies you need:

  • A variety of pens
  • One lead pencil
  • An extra journal


  • One of my artful Bespoke Journals customized for you with hand-painted pages, mailed to you as a gift


Limited to 12 people

Price: $240.

February launch dates to be announced..

Questions? Click HERE

More about Suzi

Suzi is an artist, actress, writer, teacher, community organizer, and mom. She’s passionate about helping women find their creative voice and live focused, joy-filled lives.

She is the editor and publisher of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice, and has written for Literary Mama, Rebelle Society, StudioMothers.com, MotherWriterMentor.com, The mid.com, StoryofMum.com, Creative Mothers at MeganGrayArts.com, and she is a monthly contributor to BerkshireFamilyFocus.org.

Suzi is also the producer of Out of the Mouths of Babes for the annual Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. She has written for and performed in Motherhood Outloud at the Unicorn Theater and has a long history in theater in New York City.

A multi-talented creative, Suzi has run her own couturier business, sewing for the Martha Graham Dance Company and the creative team of the Muppets, and served as a garden instructor for the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School.

Today, Suzi inspires hundreds of women every year to live their lives from the space of creative spirit and to value their contributions to the world and one another through her Mapping Motherhood course, taught throughout the United States, her blog, her Sacred Refuge Programs and her Powder Keg Writing Workshops (now offered virtually as well as live).

In addition to being a practicing yogi and a long-time student of meditation, mindfulness, and non-violent communication, she is a devoted wife and mom to two big kids and lives with her family in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.

“Suzi’s workshops immerse their attendees in an invaluable atmosphere of delight and discovery, inspiration and inventiveness, sheer fun and rampant creativity. Her stimulating prompts and enticing, extensive garden of materials tease words out of artists and art out of writers. With professionalism and an extensive command of collage techniques, Suzi gently guides participants through a process of amazing themselves as they engage in creating items of beauty, connection and consciousness. Suzi makes magic, but more importantly, she inspires others to do this. Such is the joy of working with this gifted, talented and phenomenal artist teacher.”

Dorothy Randall Gray
Executive Director, Women Writers and Artists Matrix

“Suzi is like nourishing food for the writing soul. She made me feel like I can build a writing practice and be creative, and showed clear, tangible examples of how to do this. I had figured that since I wasn’t coming up with creative ideas as I sat in front of the computer, that maybe writing fiction or creative nonfiction just wasn’t going to happen for me. But I learned that there are ways to build that creativity and that it’s an essential part of the process if you want to have a successful writing life.


Where Your Inner Journey Meets Creative Practice

(Live Event in the Berkshires)


I cherish this work, which has called to me for years, because I was the woman with my feet nailed to the floor, flustered, frustrated and longing for a connection to my inner life.

I know that if you use my writing and art techniques plus the tools of deep listening in sacred circle with other women, you will find your unique voice, you will learn to tap into your creative well-spring with ease, and your life and work will flourish.

This is soul work and a marriage of your heart and imagination, a marriage between the creative and the divine.

Join me and only 4 other women in a sacred circle as we dive deep into our inner lives through writing, art making, a lovely practice of gratitude offering called Canang Sari, and meditation practices.

In addition to finding your voice, a community, and establishing a nourishing creative practice that will positively impact all areas of your life, if that isn’t enough, the end result of these 3 months together will be an exquisite book, hand-made by you.

You will paint paper that we will then sew in to a book, adding vintage and found papers for variety. You’ll embellish this book with your art, and you’ll bless it with your writing.


  • a woman hungry to explore your creativity, and tired of putting yourself last on the list for your undivided attention.
  • young at heart.
  • a writer and want to create with others to inspire and expand your work.
  • eager to plunge more deeply into your daily practice.
  • yearning to know yourself as the artist and writer you dream of being, even if pen and paper are new to you. 
  • wondering what your writing could look like illustrated. If you have never imagined yourself as artist, you may surprise yourself as you illuminate texts and create small visual compositions. No previous art experience necessary!
  • seeking the sweet connection of making around a table of creative souls. We shall lay aside our chaotic lives, and play and create to our soul’s content.
  • breathing more fully at the thought of finding a creative community and sanctuary where youre creative expression will be valued above all else.

This program offers you a delicious way to get intimate with your inner life, to express your deepest truth. You and your sweet-souled sisters will have all the space you need to spread out, dive in, and get gloriously messy in the private sanctuary of my home.


  • Your desire, curiosity and a journal.
  • An apron is helpful.
  • A coat and hat. Plan to be outside for about 30 minutes.
  • Beginners Mind.
  • All other materials are provided.


 Your seat in this intimate group includes all art supplies,

refreshments and monthly prompts. Cost is $400.

Please check back in late summer for the fall dates. If you’d like to be on the waiting list for the next round, please contact Suzi.

There are no beginners really; there is just beginning.

“I am so very thankful for your guiding presence and love throughout our workshop. I have never had such a freeing experience with my writing, and I owe it to the circle of safety that you created.”

-Sarah Hains DiFazio

“Thanks so much Suzi. You work magic with creating an atmosphere where the writing flows.”

-Maggie Dillon Katz


at the Ramsdell Library in Housatonic, MA.

How often have you heard someone say, “I’d like to write but I have no idea where to start?” The Powder Keg Writing Workshops introduce creative writing techniques to new writers and advanced practices to established writers, which tap inner resources. We draw on our own stories and personal history for original material to craft personal narrative works. Using watercolors and Pigma ink pens, we experiment with doodling as a meditation to reach deeper in to our creative wells. Called by one participant, “like yoga for writers”, Suzi creates a captivating space for women to experiment with their writing voices, to share writing and to learn tools that will carry their work forward. Activities in the Children’s Room will be planned for those wishing to bring their children.

The writing workshop series take place
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM
at the Ramsdell Public Library in Housatonic, MA
at 1087 Main Street, Housatonic, MA.

This workshop is free, thanks to the support of the Great Barrington Public Libraries.


Fall Session begins Wednesday September 13, 2017

September 13/20/27

October 4/11/18

November 29

December 6/13

We will take a winter break and resume in February 2018.

Come see what Powder Keg is all about!


“The gift of Powder Keg is honoring my writing, my voice, and bringing me into your safe space, at your table to share in the company of US- our fullness revealed. Could you ask for more? I think not.” 

-Safara Fisher


I can hear your question when you write
The Writers of the Powder Keg Workshop photo credit: Frania Caulfield