About Suzi

Here is what I want for you.

That you engage with your creative voice and use it for the increase in value of the role of women in our society.

We are the way-makers here.

Personal value paves the way for collective value. When I stand for and share my worth,

I make space for another woman to do the same, and in doing so, together we begin to weave a fabric of connection for all women.


Here is what I do.

Write. Paint. Collage. Sew. Meditate. Make stuff, like gratitude offerings and jam.

Stand on stages and perform.

Create Bespoke journals from hand-made pages.

Teach classes in nurturing daily writing practices.

Organize events that feature writing and art by women.

Give women permission and a platform to express themselves.

I’ve created a community of women who are makers of homes and families and also poems, stories, journals, collages, jewelry, textiles, healing programs, and more. And I’m thrilled to welcome you into our circle.


Here is what I believe.

A woman is valuable no matter what she is making – art, money, kids, or dinner.

You don’t have to leave your life to engage in creative practices. Live your life from the space of creative spirit and you’ll feel your own value being generated like heat.

YOU are your own best resource.

Your voice can change the world.

See for yourself HERE

Suzi is an artist, actress, writer, teacher, community organizer, and mom. She’s passionate about helping women find their creative voice and live focused, joy-filled lives.

She is the editor and publisher of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice, and has written for Literary Mama, Rebelle Society, StudioMothers.com, MotherWriterMentor.com, The mid.com, StoryofMum.com, Creative Mothers at MeganGrayArts.com, and she is a monthly contributor to BerkshireFamilyFocus.org.

Suzi is also the producer of Out of the Mouths of Babes for the annual Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. She has written for and performed in Motherhood Outloud at the Unicorn Theater and for Boston production of Expressing Motherhood, and has a long history in theater in New York City.

A multi-talented creative, Suzi has run her own couturier business, sewn for the Martha Graham Dance Company and the creative team of the Muppets, and served as a garden instructor for the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School.

Today, Suzi inspires hundreds of women every year to live their lives from the space of creative spirit and to value their contributions to the world and one another through her Mapping Motherhood course, taught throughout the United States, her blog, her Sacred Refuge Programs and her Powder Keg Writing Workshops.

In addition to being a practicing yogi and a long-time student of meditation, mindfulness, and non-violent communication, she is a devoted wife and mom to two big kids and lives with her family in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.

You do amazing work. Thanks for shining out that glorious lighthouse beam and holding the door for the rest of us.

– Brenna Layne

A definition of myself:

I’m sprinkled with stars.
Look at my skin, I’m freckled by time.

Every book, billboard, poem, song on the radio, Om at the end of class, my babies’cries and vee’s of geese flying over the laundry line are still within me, echoing. Even my father’s voice calling my name in reprimand and the sound of car tires in snow at the lake are still murmuring within me.

I dream of snow and people and plans and I can still taste my dream in my mouth, like Nehi Root Beer. I’m a woman who has come upon roadblocks, barriers, abuse, withholding tax, and diverted momentum and still, I don’t feel stoppable.

I am uncontainable joy.

“Creative inquiry is an inside job. We are often inspired by the beauty of nature, art, and craft, color and materials. But it is in taking time, taking stock, and valuing or own sensations, perceptions, experiences that reveals to each of us our own voice, our own purpose. When we recognize, reclaim, integrate our orphaned experiences, we re-establish broken inner connections in ways that restore us to wholeness.

Suzi’s work speaks to the power of this recognition. Holding space for people to tap into their creativity, to see that space as sacred, to experience it as their best resource, and to then form communities for the sharing of the gifts from that resource has become her life’s work.”

– Sara Eisenberg, Healer and Founder of A Life of Practice