Writing in September: Teacups of time

September light and a writing promptSeptember 2017


The light here won’t stop. Neither will the plums. I write anyway.

How are you keeping track of this season? Surely it is still summer. Surely, school has begun for many families. Surely, I am not standing at the bus stop, at least not this week. Next week, our second exchange son arrives, so, my afternoons will change.

I keep track of these changes, internally and outside my busy mind and heart, in my daily writing practice. My journal entries might be short while there are so many plums to process, but I get on the page, no matter what.

(I do resist this quietly sometimes, but I write anyway because what I show up for is what sustains me, in every condition, situation, weather, anniversary, empty nest or full, showing up on the page lets me show up for what is true for me.)

♥ How would you answer these questions?


What feels different today is…

What feels the same is…

What I keep thinking about is…


The Powder Keg Writing Workshops for Women resume at the Ramsdell Public Library on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30 PM. If you are in or near the Berkshires, please join us for this free gathering, supported by the Great Barrington Public Libraries. It is open to women aged 14 on up. Bring a journal and a pen and an open mind.

what do you fill up with in September? Writing PromptsWherever you are, take your journal out on to the back porch and write. Write for 10 minutes while the pasta water comes to a boil.

Carving out time for yourself can come in small, manageable bits.


Here is much love,


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