What We Do Daily, Persists

My fascination with clothespins persists. I use them every single day. Do you?

Gyumri clothespins

Interior literacy comes from a daily practice.

What the heck do I mean by that?

I mean that when your daily creative practice persists,

which you show up for without fail,

or at least with forgiveness,

you will know more of your interior life, your feeling life, your desires and dreams and therefore, be able to take action with a sense of integrity and authority. When you persist, your insides and your outsides begin to mesh.

I believe we have a generous motor within us, that requires fuel that is best served in the quiet, open hearted, vulnerable hours of the day. That force within us needs attention to run well, to crank out insight and feed our purpose.

My interior has been tended by years and years of daily writing.

This does not make me the Grand Champion of Daily Writing or the Queen of Daily Writing.

It only makes me a devoted student of daily writing, which provides me with real time evidence of what a daily practice does for me. This allows me to participate and observe. I see how when things are so busy, I only jot a few threadbare thoughts on a page. Delighted I am, when up before everyone else, alone at my desk or on the porch or wherever I can sit quietly, I write, doodle, sketch, embroider, meditate, pray, read for 45 minutes or more. Happiness percolates, I am resilient and dependable to know my truth because I have touched in to it on my pages, experimented with variations, tried out different approaches before I encounter the situations that might challenge me later in the day.

What I do daily, persists.

Attention endures.
Curiosity grows.
Integrity stays.
Momentum curries.
Often my spelling improves (curiousity, startch, & Febuary becomes February.)


In the lush green heart of August, three days before Backyard Art Camp begins with 18 women in my backyard, from as far as Norway and Oregon, I am gifted with the opportunity to build new books for daily creative practice with others. We meet in circle every morning to do yoga, write, center, and share. This book making practice, this way with ritual, color, text, and texture is at the very center of all of my work, including my project in Armenia, New Illuminations.

If you are new to Rising Forth and would like to know more about me and the way I work, I offer you this interview I with my dear friend Jennifer Currie. Listen when you have time to take notes and doodle or just hang out, as if you were in the room with us. Leave me a comment and let me know what thoughts came up while you listen.

Even in summers, she persists

This week, not only does Camp launch, but also my fundraise for New Illuminations. I have raised money for this trip twice, and now, for my third residency, I am launching an art auction on Instagram in a few weeks. You can read more about that project here.

Being internally literate is ours alone. No one can sully this relationship with your self. It is yours to access and yours to maintain. Your inner life persists without your attention, but thrives with daily inquiry. She grows verdant and densely beautiful with your devotion. She shimmers resilient with regular practice. Your inner life will never let you down or turn you away.

This week, no matter what, I will show up on my journal page early, with a cup of tea and ponder what persistence means for me. Try these questions in your journal:

What do you keep returning to that brings you joy?
Where do you find yourself happy, again and again?
Where do you stub the toe of your happiness and feel pain regularly?
What is sore and tender in your inner life?
What feels fertile for you right now?

Let me know how this inquiry goes.
I will be posting daily on Instagram about #backyardartcamp and #newilluminations. You can find me here.



Suzi at Lake Superior, her happy place. She persists in going there, despite the flies

On Superior. My persistent and happy place.

Until next week, I send you all my love.


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  • Sara Eisenberg

    Thanks for this, Suzy. Beautifully framed: internal literacy – “Your inner life persists without your attention, but thrives with daily inquiry. She grows verdant and densely beautiful with your devotion.” This is a keeper.

  • Nancy M

    I love everything you write about, you are so creative. Happy you are so curious and full of wonder. Your friend, Nancy M

  • Nancy M

    I love your blog, your curiosity, your wonder. Your friend, Nancy M

  • Ann

    Good Morning Suzi,
    The chattering morning chorus singing up the sun has just quietend. I’ve read this beautiful post with my cup of coffee and it has set the day up to be bright and shining. I love “Happiness percolates” and “your inner life will never let you down or turn you away”. Your unique expression finds such wonderful words to convey what we all need to hear – thank you!