Wage Peace

Wage peace with your breath.

-Judyth Hill


peace and painted paper at the laundry line

Karen Arp-Sandel at the laundry line with paste paper photo credit: Lynnette Lucy Najimy of Beansprout Productions

Sometimes it is laundry. Sometimes it is painted paper. In all cases, at my laundry line, I am out in the wind and the sunlight, willing to be marked by aliveness. If you spend any time with people who are in a health crisis, you know the yearning we humans have towards aliveness, towards that next full breath, towards smiling. See? Lift the corners of your mouth right now. Doesn’t that feel better?

We lean toward joy like sunflowers follow the sun. We lean toward aliveness, even here, on this very day.

One practice that hooks me up to joy, no matter how dismal my outlook, is my daily writing practice. I am not Hemingway. I am not Rebecca Solnit. And this is a good thing. I am Suzi Banks Baum and my particular brand of aliveness is what I head in to with my pen, every single day.

Are you willing to upset the apple cart of your life, to turn up the volume on your creative voice, to take your turn with time and attention?  Please consider joining me for the Powder Keg Online writing workshop. We set sail this coming Thursday at 10:00 AM EST for 90 minutes. This workshop runs for 6 weeks. You can learn more here. Here is an example of what we do in the Powder Keg writing workshops.

Today is September 11.

Let us wage peace, right now, with our own breath.


peaceful hosta blossoms








More on what I am up to on this week’s video visit on Wednesday.
With dancing raspberries,


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