The Storytellers: March For Our Lives in D.C.

Wherever I go, I travel as a story-teller.

At the March For Our Lives, I was drawn to making images of the storytellers who permeated the march. They talked and listened and photographed that intense day, delivering stories all over the world. I met teams from CNN and MSNBC, from a high school in Indiana, from Paris, France, and a group of teens from a school in Washington DC. There were solo photographers and people with cell phone cameras. What struck me most was the air of kindness throughout the crowd, the willingness of people to talk to each other.

It has been almost 2 weeks since the United States witnessed thousands of people march in unity for gun control. Led by the teens of Parkland, Florida, and involving more circles of young leaders, this uprising was awesome to watch. I know it was not perfect. I know we have miles to go.

Maybe you and I have different views about gun control. Maybe your presence here on my blog wavers when I write about issues we differ on. I am okay with that. Wavering is a sign of our bodies seeking strength. When our bodies are not locked in to place but unsteady and tippy, our brains are mapping what our muscles and bones learn in that inquiry of motion. Where is center? Where is balance? Where is my body home? Opinions get shaky too. We are constantly learning where home is, in our bodies and our opinions. While I do not expect us to share all political views here in the blogosphere, what I do hope is that we will respect each other’s points of views and listen to one another. I only delete offensive comments on this site. I do not delete differing views.


Standing in the mass of humanity which gathered in Washington D.C. in outcry for more sane gun control laws in our country, I felt something unshakeable. I won’t venture to say that all felt what I felt, but there, shoulder-to-shoulder with people of all colors and many ages was a sense that we, as a country, can do better by each other, that the divisive nature our discourse is getting us nowhere. And every week, lives are lost to senseless gun violence.

I made photographs of the storytellers at the March.

I wanted to see the people who are in the business of seeing everyone else. The code of journalism is to not alter a scene while reporting on it. You never pose for a photojournalist. But on the weekend of the March, I spoke to all of these news people, asking them to just keep working as I made photographs of them. But many seemed to relish the pause to be seen and so, you can see in this slide show, there are portraits of news people looking fully in to my lens with the open faces they turn to the world every single day of their professional lives.

It was a day born in grief and frustration and despair.

It was an opportunity for different groups of young people to come together on one platform and find their common center. If you have not seen any footage from the March, I highly recommend these highlights, and this speech, and this one also.



Where do we go from here?

To the voting booths in November.  

To the phone to call our representatives to learn more about gun control laws in your state.

To the dining room table to talk with your people, to share, to listen, to wobble around until you find a speck of common ground. My friend Jena Schwartz has an excellent list of resources here to help dive in to action around racial and gender equality. Please read and follow links here. If you have resources to share, please share them in the comments.


We are stronger together. The children of this nation deserve us to stand in strength for them and now, with them.


With love,




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  • Coleen Davidson

    Hi Suzi, I love this post and the links you have offered. From my perch up here in Nova Scotia I have grieved in disbelief about all that is transpiring to my lovely friends south of my border. Your writing on this matter has helped me make sense of the tragedies and given me hope in the goodness and sense of people. Stay well. xoxo Coleen

  • Julie Bond Genovese

    Your photos said it all! OH I teared up just watching (and reading)! Your words were icing on the cake. Thank you dearest Shmoozie, for lighting the path. Xoxoxox