Powder Keg Hand Painted Prompt Cards

Set of 20 individual prompt cards $28.00 each (includes shipping).

  • These small jewels of inspiration will spark your creativity.
  • When you journal, select a random card to set the theme of your writing.
  • When you head out with your camera, pull a card to inspire what you look for as you see your world and record it.
  • Select a card to trigger images and color as you collage or paint.
  • Set a card out on your altar or wherever you can see it throughout your day… let the luscious colors and insightful words spark your thinking.
  • Sit in conversation with someone else and choose a card. Let your sharing be colored by the word on the card and explore the new territory you find together.
  • Each set comes in a hand folded vellum origami wallet that will stand up on your desk offering small jewels of inspiration.
  • Expect your cards within two weeks of ordering.
  • Each kit contains five painted cards with open space in which to write in your own word or phrases.



Watch this space for Suzi’s Bespoke Journals for purchase soon.