Bespoke Journals Handmade & Customized

Do you have a pile of notebooks waiting for you to begin journaling? Do their blank pages feel more like a dare than an invitation? My Bespoke Journals with their hand-painted pages invite you into a conversation with yourself and they are small enough to fit in your bag or next to your bed so you can begin.

Hand building books is something I love doing. I begin with fine art and a variety of up-cycled papers. Then in a circuit of motion that involves intuitively spreading color and images on to the pages, I fill them with texture and hand printed images of feathers, spirals, compasses, birds and circles. The papers pass under my hands for several rounds of embellishment. By the time they are ready to be sewn in to pamphlet books, I will have written prayers and blessings under the paint, printed and glued images that call to my hungry eye. The finished result is a completely unique creation, ready for your writing. The journals are full of serendipity and soul.

Bespoke means “custom made to fit a particular person” and these hand bound journals are just that. I will add your name and a few iconic images to the pages of your book that fit your spirit and spark your creativity. You can choose between a spiral and a feather for your name page, and for an additional $5.00 I will add beads to the ends of the binding thread that can flip back in to the book as a bookmark. I use up-cycled beads from vintage jewelry, trade beads and trinkets from my stash.

No two journals are alike and each comes with one white gel pen and a card of writing prompts.

Consider these journals a talisman to get you started on your inward journey.

$ 28.00 Includes a white gel pen


and additional $5 for a beaded place holder

If you order multiple items from this page, I will adjust your shipping costs and reimburse you the extra. Please email me if you have trouble making this order.

Bespoke Journal Options

Suzi is an accomplished collage artist, a former couturier, and a long-time student of the art of journal making. Her mentors, Ulrike Grannis, Karen Arp-Sandel, M.C. Giroux, Joy Seidler, Paulus Berensohn, and Radha Padney, have each influenced her technique as she evolved her own hand in book making.



4 Commissions available for 2018

6” W X 9” H X 2”


These handmade books are a work of art and no two are alike. Each book takes me 3 months to create. Each is a meditation in form, a sacred space for your expression, and a soulful companion for your inward journey. This is a hard-covered book with all pages hand painted, layered with blessings, color, images, and hand sewn. To make this book even more personalized and meaningful, you will also be invited to send me a selection of personal papers, photographs, or copies of treasures for me to incorporate into the book and to use as embellishments.


Includes a 45 minute discovery consultation with Suzi to help her customize your book and so that she can offer you guidance in how to work with it as a companion for your inward journey.

Suzi is accepting four commissions for Coptic stitch journals in 2018.
Contact Suzi HERE to express your interest.

Suzi has studied the art of Coptic Stitch Journal making for 8 years, studying with Joy Seidler and Paulus Berensohn, and most recently, Radha Padney at Penland School of Crafts. Her Coptic stitch hard-covered books require two months to create.

Learn more about coptic stitch book making and the inspiring work of Suzi’s mentor, Paulus Berensohn, HERE.

Powder Keg Writing Workshops hand painted prompt cards

Set of 20 individual prompt cards $20.00 each.

+ $3.00 shipping for USA domestic


+ $8.00 for overseas shipping


  • These small jewels of inspiration will spark your creativity.
  • When you journal, select a random card to set the theme of your writing.
  • When you head out with your camera, pull a card to inspire what you look for as you see your world and record it.
  • Select a card to trigger images and color as you collage or paint.
  • Set a card out on your altar or wherever you can see it throughout your day… let the luscious colors and insightful words spark your thinking.
  • Sit in conversation with someone else and choose a card. Let your sharing be colored by the word on the card and explore the new territory you find together.
  • Each set comes in a hand folded vellum origami wallet that will stand up on your desk offering small jewels of inspiration.
  • Expect your cards within two weeks of ordering.
  • If you order multiple items from this page, I will adjust your shipping costs and reimburse you the extra.