Seth Godin asks “What would happen…”

Seth Godin asked, What would happen if... I am answering in 100 ways

What would happen…

if we chose to:

let birdsong be our alarm.
look at the moon setting instead of our phone. Same glow, different source.
let the text we read be her poem, again.
let the mail we read be that letter from you, penciled treasure.
let time be something we dance with, rather than wrestle.
let our grip on results loosen, let blood flow back in to our hands.
All of these choices, all of them, are ours, at the before of everything, when morning meets us barefaced, unagenda’d, reckless with wonder,

and willing.



This is my response to Seth Godin’s post.

There is a thread I follow, and it is morning.

My Rampant Sisterhood has responded also. Holly Wren Spaulding’s is here, with a great string of comments including Lori Landau’s response. Sara Nolan’s is here, complete with a writing prompt.

My friend Saundra Goldman, offers a longer response on a similar topic, on mornings and how to have a better day. Lots of good inspiration here!

How about you?

Leave me your response in the comments.




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  • Marisa

    What if I juggled my projects as colorful scarves of crepe, raw silk, gauze
    instead of cumbersome bowling balls that I heave into the air above my desk?

    What if I drank the green tea, sweetened with stevia instead of
    downing some Starbucks chemical feast laced with something that resembles pumpkin spice?

    What if today I thought from my gut and honored it by breathing deeply rather than
    gasping at every turn?

    Such small choices.

    Such large impact.

    Such a wonderful place of this moment called

    Now that dwells in Here by my


  • Daniel Jenkins

    Love you, Sooz! So good to vicariously breathe your air!