Genesis Spiritual Life and Retreat Center

Feb. 25 - Feb. 27, 2022
Westfield, MA

Steward your literary legacy

You have built a lifetime of story through writing in letters, journals, daybooks, and love notes.

What does it all mean now?

What might we do with all that writing that is so personal writing, raw, and immediate? 

How and who will steward our legacy of stories after we die?

After years of teaching others to keep a daily journal, and a lifetime of writing daily, Suzi Banks Baum is exploring the stewardship of our literary legacy. In this workshop you will review selected pieces that you’ve written, generate new writing, and create a plan for how to handle your body of personal writing with reverence, ceremony, and in community.

In this retreat, we will work with our writings to harvest stories and memories into a small book, made during the workshop, as a way to carry the riches of our writing into the present.

We will discuss and make plans for how we want our journals and letters to be dealt with in our wills or with our family members. And we will create a ritual to release some of these pages or letters in a ceremony on Sunday morning.

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