Camp in a Care Package

August 2021
Location: Your Home

Summer 2021 dates and plans are TBA. Stay tuned for details.

surrender your agenda

let Suzi guide you for a day long retreat, in your own time, at your own place

Camp in a Care Package provides materials and instruction for constructing a simple hand bound book, called a Pilgrimage book–perfect for the Full Moon in August, the Moon in which we revel in the bounty of summer and consider our next steps.

Picture yourself prepared to have your own day of summer camp, supported by the materials and prompts carried in an envelope that arrives in your mailbox.

Camp in A Care Package contains all you need to create a stay-at-home art retreat.

All the supplies to make one book come in the package. The package contains art and writing prompts for the inhabitation of your journal around the theme of land and place.

There is a recipe for a Camp beverage by Janet Elsbach of Extra Helping along with a timeline to help you prepare for your day. There are colorful enticing treasures from my Rampant Sisterhood to support you having a day lush with instigations, comforted and inspired in a set-aside time just for you.

Life shifts into focus with a regular journal practice on unique pages that reflect soulful digestion in your particular mark making.

Your journal becomes your trusted and steady companion.

To build your own journal allows every layer to bear your personal touch. It becomes a totem for your truth, the space where you are free.

What will you need for this day?

Time to prepare space for yourself.

You will get a preparation guide and a materials list with the kit. Supplies will be minimal. (A glue stick, paintbrushes, pens, all the lumpy stuff I won’t mail.)

Space for yourself for an entire day.

Do you have access to an outdoor area? Can you go to a park and take over a picnic table in the shade for an entire day? Or does your building have a community room you can book for yourself?

Your dollars grow wings with Camp in a Care Package.

A portion of your tuition for Camp in a Care Package goes to Multicultural Bridge in Berkshire County, MA and their Reparations Fund.

This dedicated Trust prioritizes healing and gestures of community kindness and belonging to those members in our community who have been attacked by bias, hate, and ignorance. They send gifts, cards, hugs and listeners.

If amplifying is on your mind, you can increase the effectiveness of this donation by contributing more or matching what I raise through enrollment. Please email me here for details or simply donate at BRIDGE.

“BRIDGE is a catalyst for justice, social change and building community. Our work transcends barriers of inequity, promotes education to support equity and understanding, and strives to empower youth for success and increased access to resources.”

Cost is $188 plus postage. Includes all paper materials, and two Zoom sessions. Also includes links to a centering meditation and other sounds to guide you into a resplendent day of creative practice.

Each Zoom session will be recorded. Your attendance is not required or integral to your experience of Camp. It is an option.