Backyard Art Camp

Aug. 20, 2021 - Aug. 23, 2021
Berkshires of Western Massachusetts

With the support of Suzi and her assistants, you will be guided to sew your journal in the Coptic Stitch style, an ancient practice that lets your book open flat.

This year for the art camp is only available to alumni only due to social distancing requirements. Please join my list to learn more about future offerings.

Come make slow art outside under my oak tree.

If the weather turns wet, we’ll scoot under a canopy.

Every day in Backyard Art Camp we will write.

Every day we will sing, eat outside, and share in circle.

On Sunday night, we make S’mores around the fire bowl.

In 2021, we will get Particular about Millimeters. If you are a BYAC alumni, come immerse.

“Suzi does a fabulous job of creating a circle of creativity that nourishes and inspires my soul to express its joy through making paste paper and then stitching the pages into books. She also inspires me to continue living into my journal daily.”
-Sarah Nicholson

This program is for you if you are: 

12 years old on up

happy in all weather

want to visit the cultural Berkshires in summer

at ease working outside all day long. Naps in the hammock are always an option!

are ready to replace those nasty messages you got about how messy or wild your art making is.

if you are ready to fine-tune your book artistry by learning to cut frames, weave paper images, and articulately feather a grand nest for your journal practice.

breathing more fully at the thought of finding a creative community and sanctuary where your creative expression will be valued above all else.