Advent Dark Journal

Nov. 27, 2022 - January 6, 2023
Online and in your home

Push back on the pressure to perform the holidays in picture perfect ways by sprinkling your days with creative gestures designed to inspire and comfort.

Allow the strength of winter’s dark time to still the busyness so you can catch the scent of pine and beeswax, long enough for your heart to slow its pummeling pace to listen to the call of what is wild within you.

Reinvent your experience of the holiday season with Advent Dark Journal, a self-paced art and ritual workshop supplied with a lush package of art materials and writing prompts that will help you navigate through Solstice into the advent of the new year.

Let your beginnings be full of celebrated endings.

Expect night discovered fullness at quiet winter crossroads where creative practice meets seasonal anticipation with the uncontainable space found in nature and art making.

You can expect a gorgeous package of materials delivered to you and at least two Zoom gatherings to meet and share with the community of Advent Dark Journal.

Weekly emails arrive on Friday afternoons full of prompts, videos, poetry, an ADJ playlist and guidance for your daily creative practice. Watch for registration details in Suzi's newsletter. Sign up for that on her JOIN page.

Lit by the Moon and the theme of rest and reflection, Advent Dark Journal offers what this participant wrote last January:

“ADJ is a creative journey into the winter solstice and out again. Full of juicy and fun surprises to keep me writing, collaging, noticing the light, the dark, the moon. It helped me to navigate with Grace the darkest time of year with expectancy. I wouldn’t have taken this creative time for myself without the container of the group and Suzi’s weekly missives. I’m so grateful.”

Six weeks of lush creative engagement to welcome winter.

The cost is the same as last year, $299, which includes postage anywhere in the world.

In Advent Dark Journal you are instructed in Suzi’s signature style with written and video prompts and receive hard copy, real time mail that will be the best package you receive this season!

Enrollment information:

Please join Suzi's list for early notice of all her workshops and general goodness. Thank you for stopping in!

Give yourself the gift of Advent Dark Journal.

The price of this 6-week workshop is $299 for new participants, and $250 for returnees.

Suzi will host an introductory event on Zoom Saturday, November 19, 2022at 4 PM ET.

The first email arrives on Friday, November 25.

Zoom dates TBA. Any online events will be recorded and shared with the group.

More info: 

$299. includes everything, postage and materials, Zoom gatherings and weekly emails.

You don't have to be an artist. This workshop will coax your artistic self out from the shadows.

Experienced artists find comfort and provocation in Suzi's prompts, often creating new work that surprises them.

You need to collect a few simple art supplies. Watercolor paints, black gesso, a few small brushes, and a spool of dark colored thread.

This workshop follows the weeks of Advent to the 12th Holy Night. It also follows the Moon and Solstice. And it is not steeped or connected to any religious practice. It is a way to navigate the holiday season and find your own sense of the sacred.

The two Zoom gatherings are optional. They have been very special in the past. They will be recorded and sent to participants to download for their own purposes.