Advent Dark Journal

Nov. 28, 2021 - Jan. 6, 2022
Online and in your home

Enwrap yourself in daily practice with gentle companionship via one weekly email full of suggestions for creative acts. Illumine your way, illumine our way, help illumine the collective into an intimate embrace of the darkening season.

Let your eyes adjust to the twilight, and be accompanied through the holiday season.

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Bind yourself to beauty through thread, word, and ritual.

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Suzi curates a deep dive into the soul in the midst of a time of year where there's so much swirling around. She is able to create community and calm all within a series of emails and prompts. So good...xoxox Melanie <3

Enrollment begins early October. Six weeks of lush creative engagement to welcome winter. The cost is the same as last year, $299, which includes postage anywhere in the world.

In Advent Dark Journal you are instructed in Suzi’s signature style with written and video prompts and receive hard copy, real time mail that will be the best package you receive this season!

Advent Dark Journal is not a religious program, but it is every bit sacred.

Advent Dark Journal happens with minimal Zoom meetings: Enrollment begins early October

6 weeks of lush creative engagement to welcome winter $299 

Delivered in the Advent Dark Journal Gazette, you receive a centering meditation, writing and art prompts, guidance for time outdoors, and recipes and other delicious instigations.

In your care package, delivered to your postal address, you receive artist grade paper to make a hand-bound book, materials to sew a velvet pouch and beads to embellish it, a tea bag of garden fresh herbs from Suzi's garden, a collage kit for working into your book and many other treasures.

Advent Dark Journal was a transformative experience for me. It introduced me to making visual art -- collage, watercolor -- and deepened my meditation practice. It taught me something new and profound about my place on the land, about rest and hibernation, about allowing creativity to flourish even in darkness, both figurative and literal. As a writer, I felt re-inspired in my work. -E.A.

Give yourself the gift of Advent Dark Journal.

It will help you metabolize the holiday season at the pace of candlelight and slow stitching.

As we bring this difficult year to a close, allow yourself a listening presence to feed your wild soul.


Love handmade, moonlit, holy.

Advent Dark Journal 2021.

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$299. includes everything, postage and materials, Zoom gatherings and weekly emails.

You don't have to be an artist. This workshop will coax your artistic self out from the shadows.

Experienced artists find comfort and provocation in Suzi's prompts, often creating new work that surprises them.

You need to collect a few simple art supplies. Watercolor paints, black gesso, a few small brushes, and a spool of dark colored thread.

This workshop follows the weeks of Advent to the 12th Holy Night. It also follows the Moon and Solstice. And it is not steeped or connected to any religious practice. It is a way to navigate the holiday season and find your own sense of the sacred.

The two Zoom gatherings are optional. They have been very special in the past. They will be recorded and sent to participants to download for their own purposes.