Tap Your Truth

My mission is to honor your creative well-spring, to encourage you to believe that it is sacred, to help you experience it as your best resource, and to then provide you with a platform to share the gifts that will rise forth as a result of you honoring it in return.


at the Ramsdell Library in Housatonic, MA

with Suzi Banks Baum

Late winter into spring session resumes on April 1, 2020.

No registration necessary (free)!

Wednesdays from 6:30-7:55 PM


Other Teachings & Events

Summer 2020 promises to be super fun!

Backyard Art Camp takes place in Great Barrington, MA   August 7-11.

I will teach a week-long workshop at Snow Farm Craft School. Learn more here.

Advent Dark Journal

Join me for 6 weeks of soft, luminous writing, ritual, and art making that draws you up close to the darkening season. Let your eyes adjust to the twilight, and be accompanied through the holiday season.

Stay tuned for Advent Dark Journal 2020. Registration opens October 1.

Suzi is like nourishing food for the writing soul. She made me feel like I can build a writing practice and be creative, and showed clear, tangible examples of how to do this. I had figured that since I wasn’t coming up with creative ideas as I sat in front of the computer, that maybe writing fiction or creative nonfiction just wasn’t going to happen for me. But I learned that there are ways to build that creativity and that it’s an essential part of the process if you want to have a successful writing life.


More about Suzi

Suzi is an artist, actress, writer, teacher, community organizer, and mom. She’s devoted to illuminating the gifts within each woman she meets and providing a sacred space for those gifts to be experienced and shared.

She is the editor and publisher of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice, and has written for Literary Mama, Rebelle Society, Studio Mothers, Mother Writer Mentor, Easy Street Magazine, Story of Mum, Asbarez, Creative Mothers at Megan Gray Arts, Manifest Station, and as a contributor to Berkshire Family Focus and Crispina. Her fiction appears in the Walloon Writers ReviewThe Collection: Flash Fiction for Flash Memory.

Suzi is also the producer of Out of the Mouths of Babes for the annual Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. She has written for and performed in Motherhood Outloud at the Unicorn Theater and has a long history in theater in New York City.

A multi-talented creative, Suzi has run her own couturier business, sewing for the Martha Graham Dance Company and the creative team of the Muppets, and served as a garden instructor for the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School.

Today, Suzi inspires hundreds of women every year into creative practices that connect them with their truth toward a joyful and nourishing sense of service to one another, their families, and their communities. She teaches for the International Women’s Writing Guild and conducts a yearly artist residency in Gyumri, Armenia.

In addition to being a practicing yogi and a long-time student of meditation, mindfulness, and non-violent communication, she is a devoted wife and mom to two big kids and lives with her family in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.


at the Ramsdell Library in Housatonic, MA.

How often have you heard someone say, “I’d like to write but I have no idea where to start?” The Powder Keg Writing Workshops introduce creative writing techniques to new writers and advanced practices to established writers, which tap inner resources. We draw on our own stories and personal history for original material to craft personal narrative works. Called by one participant, “like yoga for writers”, Suzi creates a captivating space for women to experiment with their writing voices, to share writing and to learn tools that will carry their work forward. Activities in the Children’s Room will be planned for those wishing to bring their children.

The writing workshop series take place
Wednesdays from 6:30-7:55 PM
at the Ramsdell Public Library in Housatonic, MA
at 1087 Main Street, Housatonic, MA.

This workshop is free, thanks to the support of the Great Barrington Public Libraries.

Winter to Spring dates

We resume April 1, 2020

May&June dates TBA

Come see what Powder Keg is all about!

“The gift of Powder Keg is honoring my writing, my voice, and bringing me into your safe space, at your table to share in the company of US- our fullness revealed. Could you ask for more? I think not.”

-Safara Fisher

Advent dark Journal

Advent Dark Journal welcomes the dwindling light of the winter season as a beloved companion. We initiate a relationship with darkness using rituals, writing and art prompts that redirect the mayhem of the holiday season.

We reclaim this time as intimately sacred and revelatory.

Join me for 6 weeks of soft, luminous writing, ritual, and art-making that draws you up close to the darkening season. Through weekly emails of the Advent Dark Journal Gazette, you will take the prompts at your own pace, knowing that there are women around the world encountering this coming season with similar expectancy.
Let your eyes adjust to the twilight, and be accompanied through the holiday season starting November 29, 2020 through January 6, 2021.

The Advent Dark Journal Gazette shows up on Saturday morning, in hopes that you carve a little time for yourself on the weekend and set yourself up for a week of wondering into winter.

To start, we show up in our journal to respond to prompts that urge you to write beyond the lines and into the rarely wandered dark crevices of our daily lives. We experiment with black gesso or paint to create collages from found papers as a way of getting to shadowed places inside ourselves. We get ourselves outside, too.  Some weeks, there will be handwork suggestions for simple slow stitching with basic supplies that are easy to put your hands on. Other weeks there will be recipes to nourish your body and mind.

You will learn ways to companion yourself through all that you love about the winter season, whether or not the holidays have meaning for you. In Advent Dark Journal, we tune to the natural world, watch the shadows lengthen, and light candles to prepare ourselves to close out the year and enter the next.

Advent means “to prepare.” I grew up in the Lutheran Church where Advent came with its own hymns, different decorations on the altars, which were definitely not Christmas. It took me many years to understand how important, and beyond any theology, the action of preparing at this time of year could be. My studies of the Lunar Year, of seed saving and years in the garden, watching how the natural world responds to the coming season of cold and dark have taught me to imitate these actions in my daily creative practice.

Advent Dark Journal helped me create a place to offer myself refuge. The prompts and practices set my feet on the ground and offered me gentle nudges in the directions of creative exploration, self exploration, and connection to Mother Earth and our community. ADJ served not as a distraction during a busy and stressful time, but as a grounding force that helped me move with more intention into the season.
-2019 Advent Dark Journal participant

I look forward to weathering the oncoming winter together.

Stayed tuned for registration in September 2020.

The Advent Dark Journal was a journey to stillness to restore, reflect, and rekindle the creative spark that so often gets blown out by the rush of my own and others’ expectations during the year-end holidays. Suzi’s letters, meditations, rituals, as well as her writing and art prompts, were engagingly appealing. This course helped me to enjoy rather the endure the holidays. She helps her students sow seeds of new projects and tend to the cultivation of the soul. I highly recommend this course to any woman needing to reframe her holiday experience from one of chaos into one of joyful expectation.


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