News from Gyumri on November 1

Greetings from Gyumri.

The weather is fair and bright on November 1, the cold has arrived and the leaves have quickly turned golden. I have a morning off to write and rest. This afternoon I will attend the writing class of one my students, with her teacher who I interviewed last year. In that interview, we exchanged ideas about using poetry in our writing classes. Today, I look forward to writing under her leadership.

I have completed the first workshop with my advanced artists of New Illuminations.

11 women returned, of the 15 we had last year. Due to family cares and scheduling, three were not able to join us. One empty seat was taken by the director of the facility where the workshop is held, and this added a richness delivered by Satenik’s buoyant creative appetite. The workshop exceeded my expectations. New skills were acquired, existing skills were improved upon, and the depth of sharing and connection among all of us grew stronger every day.

Sona Andreasyan captured the advanced workshop in images, which are reflective of her experience of the workshop, more layered and colorful than I have ever seen before. I hope you enjoy these views of the workshop.

If you are in the Berkshires, don’t forget about Sam Lardner and his band Barcelona at the Barn in South Egremont, 7 PM, on Thursday, November 2. Sam is donating the proceeds from CD sales that evening to New Illuminations. I hope you can attend; the music will warm your soul.


Much love from Gyumri!



All of the images included in this gallery are made by Sona Andreasyan, a photographer and musicologist, who lives here in Gyumri, and teaches at the KASA Foundation.


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  • Ann

    Glad to hear everything is going well even though it’s getting nippy. Pity I can’t waft some of our heat your way! The photos above are very creative and quite beautiful – lovely to see – thank you. Hope you enjoy the afternoon of writing.

  • sandra mattucci

    Brilliant:) xoxo

  • Lydia Littlefield

    So many layers! Layers of friendship, layers of learning, layers of warmth, layers of color, layers of light.
    And Sona Andreasyan’s layered photographic images are beautiful!
    Sending another layer of love,

  • Margie

    What a joy to see photographs of those in attendance, and quite creative ones at that! I know you’ll enjoy the writing connections as easily and fully as you did the artistry book making. What a joy it would have been to experience these young women gleefully creating their treasures. You empower the world with every step and breath you take, Suzi, Sending my love and well wishes to all. ❤️????❤️

  • Anne Walradt

    I am so happy to see your joy and that of the women in the workshop. Blessings to all of you in your creations.