New Moon Clarity

These cups of light, clarity in a dahlia

Saturday Morning in the Berkshires.
Damp, cooler and quiet in my yard.
The grapes await picking. I have more pears than I can freeze or use.
And my apple trees are nearly ready to pick.

I came home from my month away last Saturday night. This week has been filled with unpacking stuff, sorting out all the beach glass I collected, canning peaches and figuring out how this break in daily presence as a parent of two big kids has impacted how we relate to one another. Seems that I am still a resource, an important one, and that I hold secrets to running a household



That we are here by SBB

September always calls me to recalibrate, sharpen my pencils and clear off the piles of stuff that have accumulated around my house. Canning and preserving the harvest assures me that some of the glow of summer will be available to us in February in the form of peach jam and grape juice.



Peach jam


In the same way writing and collage capture the essence of experience. For me, writing lets me pull certain flavors forward. And, always, I am surprised by what surfaces.

CBB and SBB 9.2015

my girl and I

I am off to pick grapes.
Have a lovely weekend,

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  • Becky

    Hello! Great to hear how things are moving along and into place!
    Tremendous photo of you and c. Love, Becky

  • ValPas

    Good post! I’ve also found it necessary to take time away from blogging in order to write “real” books. Best wishes on yours.