Out of the Mouths of Babes

Shari Simpson

Mimicking the Creator

I am very honored to have been asked to kick off this series on motherhood and creativity, particularly because I am a big fan of Creation. I use the capital “C”, you see, because I am a Person of Faith (more capitals) and very impressed with what God thought up. The world, life, humans, music, food, humor, dogs, gravity, etc. It’s some good stuff, right? Well done, God. Chocolate? Nice extra. Coffee? GENIUS.

One of my favorite facets of Creation are mothers themselves. What amazing creatures! You start with an awesome base (Woman), stir in some hormones, a pinch of sperm and a gallon-sized drum of selfless love and bam, you’ve got yourself a Mother. Instinctively creative beings, they immediately begin to produce—milk, oxytocin, the stems of eyes in the backs of their heads.

Of course, in the beginning at least, they are performing for an audience of one. Which, I will admit, I personally found somewhat challenging.

For someone who had always been a writer, actress, producer, cook, and knitter, suddenly stringing together two coherent sentences or touching two knitting needles together and expecting a recognizable material to emerge became a complete impossibility. I couldn’t bring anything to the table except my semi-comatose body with sippy cup in hand, so that my kids would be aware that they had a mother. Or at least the shell of one.

It took me a while before I realized that this was fine. I didn’t need to bring anything else. I was creating people, for heaven’s sake, or at least guiding their creation. That was a legitimate phase of my artistic life (which I like to refer to as my “poo period”). And although after the baby fog lifted I returned to my writer-actress-producer-cook-knitter self, I still consider “Mother” to be my most important form of artistic expression. It takes a great deal of creativity to be a good mother; show me any other medium where your art talks back to you. Loudly.

And so, amazing Mothers, I hope you realize your artistic value. You mimic the Creator with your love, patience and vision. Sure, you may not have invented coffee, but you are intimately involved with its continued glory. You are contributing to the world in so many ways, but I hope you never underestimate your inherent talent for creating people. Well done.

Shari Simpson is the co-author of the comedy “Maybe Baby, It’s You” (Dramatic Publishing, Inc.) and the evil semi-genius behind the blog
“Earth Mother just means I’m dusty”. In her more lucid moments, she is also the editor of the parenting website, New Jersey Mommy Poppins, writes a weekly humor column for Aiming Low and has written for CBS Local. She lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband and four children (two human, two pug), where she cooks a lot, knits legwarmers that her daughter refuses to wear, and kisses her skillet-faced dogs on the mouth.

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