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A creative space can be many things to many people, but to me it’s probably just two. What I mean is, I see it both as a physical space like a studio or the kitchen table, or it can be something inside of you that’s much more personal, a feeling, emotion or some other intuitive response.

I’ve been aware of having this more intuitive approach to a creative space from a young age. I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly when it became clear to me, but I know that I was probably around 8 years old. I can remember being in my bedroom doodling away in some notebook, when my feelings changed from being lighthearted to being much more engrossed in the whole creative process. It was as if a door had suddenly closed behind me on the ‘real world’ and I was in a wonderfully creative, imaginative place. In this place, time stood still, it was calm, quiet and most of all fun. It was here where I first started to draw my girls with their big eyes and sweet faces. It was here where I created magical hand drawn tales of fairies and other mythical folk. This was my creative space.

Of course when you are a child, it’s a much simpler path that takes you to this creative space, it’s not filled with obstacles like the school-run, laundry piles and other grown up responsibilities.
I still go to visit that creative space although now it takes a little longer to reach it, but once I’m there, I’m back to being that 8 year old totally locked away from the ‘real world’ and completely absorbed in the creative possibilities in front of me.

One of the most wonderful things you can have as an artist, or creative soul, is your own actual creative space. It is a relatively new thing for me. Before I had my home studio, I’d sit at the kitchen table with my boxes of art supplies and try my best to get in that personal space of creativity and make art. Most of the time it was ok, at least for me, my husband wasn’t always so happy with the ‘mess’, but what I longed for was to have an actual room of my own. I’d even create ‘wish boards’ on my phone with pictures of beautiful home studios and work spaces, and incredibly it was something I often had dreams about!

One day, my wish came true. My Little Miss was being moved from her nursery (which was a former bathroom that we renovated for her) into a ‘big girl’s bedroom’ as her big sister had now left home. After prompts, pushes, and even a little begging, my husband suggested I decorate and move my art stuff into the nursery. That’s just what I did. As you can imagine, it was all ready to move into within a week. My own little creative space! And yes, it is little. It’s only 1.5m x 3m but its just perfect and it has the most fabulous arched window that floods the room with natural light. I have two work spaces, one for ‘wet’ art like painting etc and a ‘dry’ one for my sewing machine. I use the nursery chest of drawers for papers, packaging stuff and other bits and bobs and have a small shelving unit for paints, glues, arty books and journals. There are six pin boards where I like to pin inspiration, postcards and arty gifts from friends and fairy lights hang around the ceiling. Of course, I have had to add another chair for Little Miss who loves to come and share the ‘Busy Room’. Oh how I love this little piece of heaven. How I love to be there, close the door, play a little music and while away the hours underneath strings of twinkling lights.
This is my creative space.

Rachelle Panagarry

Rachelle Panagarry has been creating her own unique style of art in the United Kingdom for the last 20 years. Since becoming qualified in printmaking and teaching, she has been leading workshops for adults and children on drawing, printing, art journaling, collage and assemblage with her specialty being mixed media work. Rachelle is a contributor to An Anthology of Babes: Thirty-Six Women Give Motherhood a Voice. Rachelle is a real ‘people person’ and her special interest lies in bringing out the ‘artist’ in everyone and giving them the tools to enable them to create their own piece of wonderful Art Eye Candy.

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