Out of the Mouths of Babes

Leiah Bowden

The Way of the Heart

Valentine’s Day approaches. I see Frost’s roads diverging in a lonely wood. The road to the left barely sits on its bed. It flutters, emanating little pink candy hearts up into the beflowered woodland, where Bambi and Thumper and all their little friends scamper under a turquoise sky and cavort around the 4th grade version of me, carefully writing out Dick and Jane Valentines for all the kids in my class.

The road to the right is richly loamed, fern-bounded and shaded. I breathe deeply and inhale pine and hemlock. Birds’ calls lift me up and I exult in my lone, unpartnered life. It’s what I want. But oh, those little candy hearts. Hearts.

And then I know the larger business of the heart, the pulse that flows out of me in Skype-d love-fests with my children, in cooking dinner for my friends, and in writing and painting my way through the world I create one breath at a time, gasping with awe, holding it in, singing and chanting as my brush moves across the paper.

Roaring, whooshing over rocks and riddles, the way of the heart leads us into the fullness of the divine as no other path can, for the heart of the divine is the true home, and in it I sit in the lap of the One to whom I belong, the One who I am, with no substitutions for vowels, nouns, or verbs. I am that which I have sought all my life, that which I tore myself from as I took form and which I practiced being separate from.

B’rei-sheet … In the beginning … I envisioned a place in which I could see Myself as no other had ever seen me – as no other had yet placed a mirror before me so I could check the angles of emotions, painful separations and devices of torture. I learned fast, playing all roles in the dream, learning heaven and hell from the inside, seducing myself into the breathless ride of separation.

The heart knows that there is no separation and no limits. The physical heart beats in answer to the love and desire of the blood’s messages for the body.

The blood cries, “Quick! Bring me everywhere; let me spread my message of love and nourishment everywhere all at once! Let me see every cell thrive.”

The heart responds, “Yes my love, I will work to make this happen, I will pump and squeeze, pump and squeeze, thinking of myself as the physical mechanism that allows the messages and nourishment of the blood to reach and be sucked, devoured, welcomed beyond welcome, into the whole unfettered being.”

And all the time, the message that the non-physical heart sends in its perfect form to the whole being, the wholeness of all Being, all creation, all Unity without limit, is “Love. Love. Love. Love is the active verb and the succor that loving brings.”

Every insect, every smallest portion of being lives because of the blessing of love. Through love we climb to the stars, to the blessings and blessers that inspire our hearts and minds with memories and promises for the future. Through love we climb into each others’ pathways of knowing, so intimately and so connected that we have no idea where I stop and you begin. Through love we know self as other and other as self, not caring who gets more than whom.

In love we see our self as the light flooding our own being, as the light bursting through this illusion of skin, eyes, no more eyes that belong to us but only eyes that serve the one who we are, seeking the vision of wholeness for all being, eyes that see everything all at once.

Let the heart pave the way always; let the heart pave all ways.

In every moment, my heart opens, a gate for the life I lead to show me the being I always have been, the one, the creator, the source of wishes and desires, the power that is. The Light of the world and all worlds, the creator of all being, I.

I take both roads, enfolding those little Valentines, popping those sweet little candy hearts as I flow, grateful and full, into the singing forest.

© Leiah Bowden 2013

Leiah Bowden has yearned towards the divine for as long as she can remember, while her only ambition was to become a mother. Growing up in Schenectady, she was a nice girl with a good imagination. She knew what black loam would taste like, the colors of musical notes, and the flavor of colors. She has accomplished both of her yearnings and is now refining and improving her experience of each.

She has been painting, drawing, and writing stories and poems since childhood. For over 30 years she has helped people discover their inner strengths and hidden treasures of understanding and insight through guided visualizations and meditations, and most notably through her uniquely radiant Energy Portraits, pastel paintings combined with spoken, sung and chanted guidance, of the flow of energy through and around entities. The Energy Portraits have served people as inspiration for personal growth and emotional support; for moving forward in new ways into their soul’s passion and authentic nature; and as corroboration of an acupuncturist’s diagnosis and plan for treatment.

An intuitive activist, in addition to creating Energy Portraits (and their smaller cousins, Chakra Portraits), Leiah also teaches others how to tap their creativity and expand their connection with their intuitive selves; serves as an animal communicator helping animals let their people know what they need; and helps people achieve increased wellness through energy healing techniques.
More of her writing is accessible in the “Writings From the Heart” section of her website at www.lightspeak.com. She happily answers email sent to yes@lightspeak.com and returns phone calls to (518) 374-4388.

  • Leiah Bowden

    Dear Suzi, how the years have gone by. I’m so happy to see you in your world teacher mode. What a blessing you are. I am still and renewedly grateful for your invitation to share my heart i this post, and I’m writing not only o thank you but to update my email for anyone who may stumble upon this and think they might like to send me an email: it’s now lightspeak@gmail.com. Blessings to you, my ever-creative friend.

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