Out of the Mouths of Babes

Karen Lee

i spent the winter/last several months being nothing other than mother,
driver, choreographer, love support, female support, cook, cleaner, driver
(did i just mention that?), best friend, love hugger, mentor, counselor,
ecdysiast, artist, and laundress. for starters. i did much more than that,
please let me begin. and finish. at least for March.

the smell of clean clothes and knowing how comforting that is to them makes

the lunches made out of nothing but knowing how much better they always are
what money can so call buy makes me happy.

the sleepless nights because of kids allergies, my allergies, excitement,
hormones (both his and his and mine), because we are ALL shook up have ALL
worth it.
sleep: i love it more and more and more and more. and the more i love it,
more it too becomes like raising children.
we must let it go cuz of what we gain. and losing sleep is ALWAYS worth it
its worth it. xxxx and zzzzzzzz…..

and when that alarm goes off or the birds are screaming at me and when i
know how i can do it ONE MORE MORNING,
they make me laugh. at the breakfast table. in the car. and when i pull
with the window down screaming “and I LOVE YOU AND KEEP YOUR PHONE ON!!!!
and I
LOVE YOU AND ‘SO AND SO’ is going to pick you up cuz i gotta work/rehearse
and I LOVE YOU!”
stuff like that makes my day. and rocks my world.
or when they ask me “just who IS SIMON?” and “where is his ROCK?” and they
to know if its possible to stay close to home but live large and learn even

and to dance and play music and sing with them,
even if i have to step out of the room at their auditions.
even if i have to drive to GB 6 times in one day/night.
even if i had to do it all over again.

April, June, and November.
and so on and so forth….

to be cont’d

Karen Lee began her career as a Broadway performer and graduated from
Hunter College with a double major in dance and sociology. She has also worked in
television, film, and radio. Alongside this career/passion, Ms. Lee became
teacher/movement therapist and worked at Canyon Ranch for over 10 years
before opening her own business, Pilates Central. Karen and her choreography can
be seen on stages all over Berkshire County in plays, burlesque, and musicals.
She is also creator of Teen Goddess Camp, Karendipity, Party Central and serves
on the board of Berkshire Rocks. Her full time job is mother of Maximillian
and Samson, who make it possible/necessary/inspiring to live every moment of
every day with love, laughter and insight.

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