Out of the Mouths of Babes

Julie Bond Genovese

Mother Nature’s Soul-care – Releasing Busyness & Embracing Stillness

?In an age of speed there is nothing more e xhilarating than going slow. Pico Iyer

Three gentle giants wait for me in the backyard. Eighty feet tall, our magical maples watch over our home, guard our dreams. They stand in a curved row, committed back-up singers, ready to harmonize with those who’ll listen.

Daily, I feel them calling me away from the computer, the rush, the worries. They’re humming, encouraging, being. They know when I’ve forgotten to breathe again. Meditation and quiet have fallen away this week. Ease and gratitude were kicked to the curb. I’ll relax later when everything is done. But it never is.

I push to do more – more posts, promotions, social media megaphones. I paint and write toward a goal, without any open-ended wholeheartistry. I’m caught in the story of not-enoughness – not enough time for family, for business and, especially, for the colors of me.

I search for what’s missing in my post-its, emails and chopped up chores. The kids interrupt, the laundry moans, and the phone rattles the air. I plug my ears. I can’t hear myself over all the questions. So I answer the maples.

I step out the backdoor and we sigh in unison. They are the quietest of teachers and it’s their stillness I seek. “There you are,” they whisper sweetly. “Come sit down in the dandelions.” The lawn chair scoops me up and I rest in her arms. I stare at the maples who breathe me like a prayer.

"Give up what no longer works in order to stay close to what is sacred.Mark Nepo

In the front yard, I hear crying. Drat. I get up, unlatch the gate and walk away from my sanctuary, knowing I may never return today. Or tomorrow.

Down our drive, I spot the two five-year-old friends sitting on the sidewalk, scooters flung to the side. I check my son Kyler’s face, but the hurt isn’t his. I switch to our neighbor, Jeremia. His mouth is wide and wailing. My heart, my pace, quickens.

Just as I’m about to call out, I see Kyler raise his finger and gently, quickly, touch Jeremia’s nose. I catch my breath. A tiny giggle spurts out of Jeremia, defying his tears. Ky blesses his friend’s nose again, loving and light as tinker bell. They both giggle more.

I back away, not wanting to disturb the vision, the sweetest sharing, of love being passed on. I’m soothed by Ky’s tenderness. His presence. I walk back to my spot in the sun with a heart open wider.

As I sit back beneath the maples, I remember an important email I must return. My reverie hits the dirt. My brain backs up into busy, formulating my response, when I hear a firm and penetrating, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My body freezes. My mind dumps it’s contents. What was that? But nothing is there.


Whoa, there it is again. Oh my goddess, it’s the maples. They are addressing me! They’re swaying inside the message, perfect in it’s tone and lullaby. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they coo, as their leaves wave and laugh. The air is rocked clean in their soft mama spell. My smile sails down the long green lawn, sweeping up into a vast and hopeful sky.

Mama maples "True quiet is an awakening

I’m startled, each time, by the truth – I’m a part of this glory. Although I feel small at the feet of mother nature, I’m larger, too, the moment I touch Her expanse.

Grace patiently waits within and around me, and when I’m open to its Presence, a greater heartbeat syncs with mine. Like pixie-dust, it lifts me back home.

I may forget tomorrow. But no worries, amnesia is a piece of the poetry. Remembering is a natural wonder, too, and remedies are everywhere.

I hear the clank of the gate unlatching and I sigh. I turn to ask the intruder if I can take more time alone, but before my words escape, Ky asks brightly, “Mommy, wanna piece a gum?” My smile surprises me. “Sure,” I answer. “Jeremia had to go,” he reports, as he hands me a piece. We unwrap the pink puff and chew together, in silent sweetness. Kyler rests naturally, cross-legged in his chair. His breathing is free and whole. His spirit, unencumbered.

Just ‘being’ is the most productive and loving choice I’ve made today.

The maple chorus rises up with one more shimmering shhhhhhhhhhh and I remember what I’ve forgotten. Tears close my eyes. The magic sits before me, within me, like a wide-eyed child. My boy, and the mama maples, have settled the breezes inside me, again.


"I allow my living to open me. DawnaMarkova


Please download Julie’s free 60 pg. ebook, “Release the Blocks So Creativity Rocks!” at her website www.nothingshortofjoy.com. Julie Bond Genovese is an inspirational speaker, creative living coach, blogger, artist, mom and best-selling author of her award-winning memoir, Nothing Short of Joy, endorsed by Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup & Dr. Bernie Siegel. Julie has been featured on TV & radio including Anderson Cooper Live, NBC LX & Oprah.com. Being born a dwarf, with degenerative arthritis, was not the poison Julie originally believed – it became the cure. As she began to view her challenges as sacred choices made by the soul, everything shifted. Julie mentors spirit-led creatives on how to use self-expression to transform life’s grief and energize ginormous joy.

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