Out of the Mouths of Babes

January Kerr

The Wish
Once upon a time, there was a blissful new mother, floating in the ocean of infancy while losing herself in her daughter’s green eyes. She discovered herself enraptured in a peacefulness that she had yet to enjoy. But through the mirth there was a cutting curiosity that she could no longer ignore. She always knew that in the highest tower in the castle of her mind there was a spark waiting to be found. One day, it was ignited and exploded into tiny particles of creation. The act of creating life was the key to that tower door.

January illustration #1

With gratitude for all she has received, she wanted to know more of the Universe’s secrets. So, on her first birthday after becoming a mother, she blew out the candles and wished for the Universe to reveal more of its gifts. The next morning, she awoke feeling light and giddy. Something had changed. Something happened overnight. She seemed to be vibrating on a higher frequency. Her stomach fluttered with butterflies while her ears detected a soft buzz, like swarming bees in the distance.
For the next month, she organized her thoughts as well as her external environment with a fervor unknown to her pre-motherhood self. As anxiety and agitation set in, she could not shake the feeling that something big was coming. And then, it happened. Almost one year to the date of her daughter’s birthday, her vision of the Universe was drastically altered. On an autumn afternoon she was sitting on the couch when she was struck by a ray of light, bolting upright she started pacing rapidly back and forth while shaking out her hands. She was unsure what was happening. She appeared to be undergoing the polar opposite of an anxiety attack. The dreaded feeling of impending doom was replaced with a glorious feeling of eternal hope. She quickly threw open the sliding glass doors and ran outside. She looked at the sun and began to weep. As the Universe enveloped her in its embrace, the world around her illuminated glowing Technicolor. Beautiful colors and crisp images replaced what once was a vision of dullness. She twirled around with her arms outstretched shouting, “it’s over, I can’t believe it, its really gone.” With this lightness of being, she was one with the universe, embedded with the knowledge that all is connected. All is one. In that moment, the veil shattered and came crashing down all around her. Now, she could see the truth in everything.

January #2

Following the signs the universe left her, she stopped wondering and found the answers. The clutter of mind chatter was erased, leaving her free to hear the song the Universe was singing just to her. She started to write. Writing any thoughts and feelings or anything at all that came into her mind. Not sure what was happening, she put her trust in the Universe and decided to just go with it. She rode that wave for one month. When she finally got to the shore, she found patterns and ideas emerging from the writing frenzy.

January #3

She discovered that the words were stories, poems, quotes, articles and novels released from the deepest recesses of the castle in her mind. This was where her road ended, and her sky began – all because a little girl was born. That was three years ago, she has not stopped writing since.



January Kerr



January Kerr studied government and legal theory at Lafayette College. She earned her law degree, cum laude from the New York Law School. After a decade of practicing securities litigation, she decided to focus her energy on raising a family. It was through the birth of her daughter that her creative fire was rekindled and she rediscovered her passion for writing and philosophy.

Ms. Kerr writes creative non-fiction with a focus on postmodern feminist thought and esoteric philosophy. Her writing is further characterized by metaphysical connections and transcendental thought. Through etymology, epistemology and metaphysics, she hunts through the past to explain the present and glean the future.

Ms. Kerr’s work has been featured in Persephone Magazine, the East Hampton Star, and her literary blog www.peeringtheveil.com. She is currently working on her debut novel.

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