Out of the Mouths of Babes

Dr. Deborah Gilboa

If I could only impart one lesson to my children it would be this: You, as one person, can make the world a better place.
I create opportunities to teach that lesson to each of my sons in each aspect of their lives.
At the dinner table, a child tells a story about a classmate’s hurt feelings on the playground. “How can you make the world a better place?” He looks confused; his brothers jump in. “Give him a hug!” “Ask him to play.” “Fall down funny so he’ll laugh.” Empathy makes the world better.
At the park the three year old finishes his snack. “All done!” “How can you make the world a better place?” He skips over to throw the wrapper in the garbage can. Cleanliness makes the world better.
During homework time, a math problem overwhelms. “How can you make the world a better place?” My son looks angry. His father suggests, “Learn the rest of your work first, give this problem time to move in your brain.” Learning makes the world better.
Our 7 year old comes down to breakfast holding his pants instead of wearing them. “These are too small!” “How can you make the world a better place?” He hands his pants to the 5 year old and goes upstairs to find another pair. Sharing makes the world better.
In his bed last night, my 9 year old son looked at me after lights out and said, “How can you make the world a better place?” I looked confused. His younger brother from the bottom bunk said, “Give us kisses!”
Love makes the world a better place.

Dr. G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) is a Board Certified family physician, mother of four, and a professional parenting writer and speaker (for parents, community & business). Her signature individualized workshop, “How to Get the Behavior You Want, Without Being the Parent You Hate” captivates parents through her humorous straight talk, which lifts the guilt out of parenting. Her mission is to help parents raise children they can respect and admire. Visit her website www.AskDoctorG.com and follow her on Twitter @AskDocG and find her on Facebook.

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