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Debbie Baron

Peeling Back the Layers


When asked about creativity in context with motherhood, I think, “Who has time to think about being creative”?

But if you peel the layers back of our sacred journey, you soon realize that besides love, creativity would be the next operative word.

My personal journey could be compared to Odysseus, you know, the Classic story in Greek mythology. With the last name Spiropoulos, I am Odysseus. I have fought the Cyclops and reveled in defeats against monsters, all the while being a “creative” mother of three daughters. I am not here, though, to talk about my journey, I want to tell you an inspiring tale about my sister.

My sister Stella, is the most creative person I know. She had four children in five years, the second, a special needs child. Creativity is about multitasking, thinking on your feet and seizing the moment. Stella is the master of creativity. She consciously raised her children without television. Every minute of her day was a creative challenge. Many days I would call and ask what she was doing, it ranged from a puppet show to making cookies. When she asked what I was doing, I quietly said, the kids are watching “Barney” and I am doing the wash. Whether it is reading evening stories to three different age groups or keeping each engaged in making cookies, all the while including my very special nephew, Ezra, she gracefully floats from one to another with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. It is one thing to be a creative mother but it is quite another to be a creative woman who is a mother.

Under the guise of motherhood lies our original creative self. So we have peeled the next layer off of my dear sister to reveal a woman who knew she had to keep her creative spirit alive, for sheer survival, if nothing else.  Under this layer we find a dancer, artist, author, musician and teacher. Stella miraculously never left these parts of herself too long. She fit in violin lessons between doctor appointments, painting between the fourth grade play, and teaching dance before going to one of her children’s sporting events. Now, this takes creativity to a different level; creative in the arts, creative in time management and most of all creative in motherhood.

Peel back another layer of this remarkable woman and you will find the “wife”. It is a phenomenon, literally, that she can find the time to let the man that she has been with for thirty years know just how much she loves him. Now that takes creativity!

When you look at all the layers of creativity, it is difficult to tell which is more important. She makes each layer seem the most important, all the while nurturing her own creativity.

Finally, if you took every layer off, you would see the brightest light of creativity and love, her essence. Many mothers have many stories and without even realizing it, we are all the most creative beings on earth.


Debbie and Stella

Debbie and Stella






Debbi Baron is a special education teacher at a high school in Keller, Texas.
She has three daughters and a great sense of humor!




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