Care For Your Creative: weekly video visit

There you have it, all in the video visit.

Except this detail. The Powder Keg Online Writing Workshop will begin September 15 at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. We will run for 90 minutes on the Zoom online meeting platform which is free for you to upload. Once you have registered, I will send details on how to use Zoom. Zoom provides participants outside of the United States with a special link.  You can get all the details here.


Back to that book and the jam!



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  • Nancy

    Brava Suzi! i love love love it, thank you

  • Wendy

    Suzi your words and presence now in video are such an inspiration! I’m off to care for my creative today!

  • Marisa Moks-Unger

    A simply gorgeous beginning to my day here in Erie, PA. I have never thought of making jam, let alone a jam made of tomatoes, in the middle of the day and that suggestion really tugged at my heartstrings. And the book cover process is simply gorgeous, too. Thank you, Suzi, for your video-chat. It was lovely, calming, and inspiring. Have a wonderful September!
    With Affection from Lake Erie,
    PS: When you have time, or if you are inclined, could u ou share your recipe for Tomato Jam? Even a photograph of the recipe card would do!

  • Brece

    Suzi—Rain patters outside, thankfully. My project of tending to the compost will just have to wait, so an earlier studio time this morning for me. Lately, my thoughts have turned to the ‘whole’–meaning, that it is all part of it, one’s life as an artist. And, your video nailed it home. Jam and books! xo

  • Katey

    What a GIFT – thank you so much for sharing yourself and your work in this way. I’m quite moved!

  • Catherine

    Loved visiting with you this morning dearest Suzi and hearing your gentle voice xoxoxo

  • Julie

    Suzi! I love it! So wonderful to see your face – love the color of your glasses – and to hear your face. I’m planning something similar to do, not making jam, but doing a bit of sewing midday, and am looking forward to those stitches. The video post is a great idea! Here’s a question for you – how do you prioritize your creative projects? Do you plan in advance what you’re going to do, even if you’re not moved to do that on that particular day, or do you wait until you’re in the moment to decide what you want to work on? Thanks so much!

    • Julie

      Hi Suzi, Great! I look forward to reading your response and hearing how this creative process works for you. I’d love to post a picture of what I’m working on, but not quite sure how to do that in this format?

  • Chris O

    Really this was what I needed to see today. I often catch myself bargain ing with getting ‘one more thing done’ (read chore here)before I get out my paint box or write more pages as if it were a treat instead of necessary.
    I hope you will show us your jars of tomato jam when you are done so we can vicariously savor them. ????

  • Yvonne Lucia

    I’m honored that you kept my card and are putting it in your book!