Care For Your Creative In Real Time

Here is a little visit in real time about caring for your creative in the summer time.

Plus, the winners to the drawing for copies of Little U are announced!


Many thanks for your wonderful comments on my Motherhood & Privilege post. If you missed it, go here. 

Once again you have shown me a sliver of the diverse stories we each carry about motherhood, or not motherhood, but all reflecting the real time beauty of women’s lives. It is only in recent history that these stories have been recognized as valued. Here at Rising Forth, the value of women’s stories is celebrated daily, every time we turn to our journal or pick up a threaded needle to stitch, or caress a peach in anticipation of a pie. Being connected to our real lives means being connected to the ongoing stories that we live and the way we express what we know in the work that we do.

Just today, my daughter Catherine relayed a Jamaican saying she learned from the vice principal of the school where she is tutoring this summer.

“There is always one half of the story that needs to be told and that’s yours.”

-David Allen


With love,



PS As I type this post, the birds and chipmunks in my yard were going nutty. I looked up to see the back end of a Red Fox dissolving in to the hemlocks out in my backyard. xoxoS


Also, here is where you can find Catherine Anderson’s new Labyrinth book. Congratulations Catherine! xooxS




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  • Nicole

    So many times lately I have had to remind myself to take care of me. My worry for people in the world whom I’ve never met and a country divided have become all encompassing. I am constantly tuning into reminders outside of myself. Thank you.
    As for real time creativity, I have been sewing bookmarks for my new class of 4th graders and yesterday, I sewed scraps together just to see what would happen. The result is beautiful, according to my daughters, and will become part of a bag…I think.
    I appreciate you.

    • Suzi

      Oh Nicole, I hear you on this. And I love that you allowed yourself to sew and sew. I’d love to see an image of what you create, the bag? Thank you for commenting and please do, take exquisite care of that heart of yours. xoS

  • Julie

    Dear Suzi, today my 12 yr old son and I biked to the Chicago Botanic Garden from our house (about 20 miles round trip). We greeted people on our bikes, stopped along the way to build a cairn or two, saw a frog, an otter, a heron and 2 deer on the trail, and completely immersed ourselves in letting go of time. I followed his lead, and did not rush him or hurry him along. Such a joy to be with him today!