Care For Your Creative: Making Decisions

Today’s video visit is a response to a question by a reader who asked about making decisions.

Surely, in the grand scheme of our days, we all make nothing short of one million point five decisions about what is our next best action. But I have learned a few things that I share with you in this video visit.

I mention Jennifer Louden in this visit and her “conditions of enoughness.” If you’d like to know more about that from her, please visit her blog. Her words sum up my intention for value every single day. I think about…

Living your human scaled life now.

-Jennifer Louden

Thank you for your time today!

Leave me a comment below. Respond to my questions in the video or ask me a new question. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is to making decisions that lead to a sweet sense of being ENOUGH!


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  • Bryony Smith

    Fabulous, Suzi! Thank you.

    Since my weekdays are so structured at work and with 3 graduate school courses, I relish weekends where I can nourish myself; resting deeply, playing, and feeling restored. The way I decide what to do is similar to yours – I need to spend quiet time meditating to see what is going on in my heart-mind. Do I need to go see a friend and walk in the woods? Do I need a silent weekend to go inward, cleanse my body and mind? If I feel fuzzy about what to do, I think physical movement helps (dancing in my living room, a long bike ride). I want to balance getting things done and also feeling replenished. I make lists and get a lot done but I also am learning to allow more time for myself to rest deeply, however I need to.

  • Carole

    Thank you! Your words made me think about my own practice of navigating time for writing, supporting my business, mothering and also caring for our home. What surprised me as I reflected is realizing how often my day gets pulled off track by me buying in to what I “should” do rather than what feels genuine for the day. I appreciate the awareness of creating conditions of enoughness and also tuning in each morning to what truly calls me as the right next steps for my day considering the landscape of my life. So grateful!

  • nancy burns

    thanks Suzi…. i write three morning pages and cull a to do list out of that, priorities become clear as i write about the day and what’s ahead

  • Julie

    thank you so much for this video Suzi, and for sharing your process. I think this may have been in response to my question? In any case, your talk brought up a few things for me – questions like, where is the joy? do I go after the joy, or do I stick to the “regularly scheduled program?” I’ve been in a workshop with Jen Louden so I know about the question of “what is enough?,” but I’ve forgotten to apply it to my writing. As you spoke, I was also thinking about Susan Cain’s “Quiet,” and the importance, for me, at least, to have scheduled solitary time as well as to know and accept that I’m pretty happy by myself most of the time. I, too, have a morning practice of mediation, writing and yoga, although it is often abbreviated as I’m trying to get my 4 children off to school. I’m playing with a new schedule for myself this year that involves much more creative play time than last year, and I think that’s making a difference. And, of course, I know I have to be flexible as circumstances shift and impact priorities, but for now, I like planning certain days to do certain things – writing – sewing – making – knitting. I’m interested in hearing about other people’s experiences, too. Thanks again for bringing this question into the discussion!