Care For Your Creative: Beginning again, gently.


It is time to focus. Simple is significant. Practical, efficient solutions and behaviors come to the fore. Channel nervous energy into exercise, organization, planning, or productive achievements. Amidst many changes, practice staying grounded. Keep consistent in daily habits and routines. Use discernment. The perfect scenario is seeking your arrival. In the meantime, dance in the spirit of appreciation for the perfection of what is. Let go of the need to know. Let go of over-analysis. Let go of control.
“You only lose what you cling to.” –Gautama Buddha
Let go of what is no longer meant for you, and take up your tasks with dexterous grace. The simple is the most profound.

-Virginia Rosenberg

Today is my birthday. I made the video yesterday and didn’t mention that.

I am taking Virginia Rosenberg’s words to heart. Today, I will be consistent with my daily habits, my creative practice. You can hear more about that in the video.

And in celebration of my birthday, I am extending the early price for my Powder Keg Online writing class until this Saturday. We will begin on September 15 at 10:00 AM EST.

In any case? I begin this day with dextrous grace, dancing in the great spirit of appreciation to be alive and well and in this world.

What might you begin today?

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  • nancy burns

    love this, love you, happy birthday and thanks

  • Brece

    Inspired and inspirational. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY xo

  • Jennifer

    Begin again. And again. And again. Remembering that the “again” is as important as the “begin” breathes fresh air into my body. An unbroken chain of practice is not the goal, nor is the goal to harass myself when the chain breaks. No. Just pick up the pen again. Begin again. Thank you for this sweet gift, birthday girl. I pick up the pen in your honor today.

  • Laurie Buchanan

    happy, Happy, HAPPY birthday to YOU!