Be Your Own Oracle

Lace top hydrangea in the prettiest shade of blue. A sort of oracle, if you find answers in purple and green.

Since ancient times, humans have consulted oracles for guidance. Prayer and supplication to a power greater than your small human self has taken so many different forms. From the earliest shaking of laurel leaves to burning herbs in a sacred ritual, to reading your own tea leaves in your own little tea-cup at the kitchen table, humans yearn for an inside tip from the Divine to tell us answers or at least a hint about a decision at hand.

Did you know an oracle is “guidance in words?”

I take this question with me to the IWWG Summer Conference. Friday, I leave for the International Women’s Writing Guild summer conference where I will teach a mixed media class on creating your own set of oracle cards bearing your personal wisdom. I have packed so many juicy supplies for this 6-day workshop that is part of a rich calendar of offerings by a diverse set of teachers. You can learn more about IWWG here.

I want to stir intuition with the random play of mixed media so that my participants create something fresh and new and theirs.

Owning your access to your own oracle is:

  1. A lot of O sounds, which sounds like Om and also orgasm–which can be its own sort of oracle.
  2. Just what we need. I feel saturated by the portents and propositions of so many others. While I still go to my mentor texts and poems for guidance, to my teachers for inspiration, based on what I have seen in my teaching, I believe much of what we require for guidance ALREADY resides within us.

That is why I teach daily creative practices that help you tap your own oracle.
Just that. As I say all over this website, I believe we are our own best resource.

It takes time and practice to trust our own feminine wisdom.

Rose petal oracle

My husband and I are on Cape Cod for a very short, but sweet vacation with our daughter Catherine before she literally sets sail for a job on a sloop on the Hudson River this summer.

We swam in a kettle pond yesterday, sublime full cups of pure water in the landscape, left by the last passing glaciers. Catherine is repairing a twisted ankle, so we are only swimming in places that are easy for her to walk in to. This means no descent of high dunes and only short walks to water, ice cream, and the 4th of July parade.

She is on the verge.
And so am I.


So I turn these questions over to you:

Where does your guidance come from? What form does it take?
Is there a particular time of day when you are more open to your hearing this guidance?
Many different traditions claim this direction: listen to the still, small voice within.
How about you? Maybe it comes to you, this kind voice, while lying on your porch, your back in the pollen dust and pine cone clutter left by squirrels, or humming along in the subway in early morning on your way to work.

I hear that still, small voice when I first wake up, mixed in between my prayers and meditation.
I hear it best in early morning.
It registers as true, solid, pure, and good throughout my body, especially in my belly and in my heart. It causes joy to rise, tears to swell, and excitement to course through me. Conviction, an unshakable affirmation of what is needed, comes when I listen.
It comes to me when I let myself write, when I let my pen or fingers take the reins.
It comes when I make found word collages, placing unlikely words together. They act as a beacon, cracking light in to an undiscovered room within me.

Let me know in the comments where your guidance comes, how it arrives, and what it feels like in your body.

There is still space at IWWG if you are game for an exciting week of writing and art making.

I want to write more about the oracle thing, what actions arise from deep listening.
More on that next week from Muhlenberg College.
Until then,


My daughter Catherine with me at the Wellfleet parade


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Showing 6 comments
  • Barbara Newman


    I love everything about this and looked up the program at Muhlenberg– where Sara went to school. I SO wanted to give myself six days with you, but I’m going to Sedona for three weeks and so, the timing was off.

    I also listen for guidance early in the morning, and get it when I am still, with eyes and heart both open. I write about what comes to me in morning pages, and some of the magic I see, the stuff i feel is most potent, goes into a different book. One that’s for more intentional writing and reflection.

    Have a gorgeous week. Say hello to the Red Door.

    with love,

  • Mary Campbell

    Cracking light into an undiscovered room with me. Beautiful writing, Suzi! My clear Oracle visits first thing in the morning, as well. When I give myself the time to sit and write. Which I promised to do again tomorrow morning, given your inspiration. I welcome her voice. Such wisdom and kindness. Thank you for yours, as well.

  • sandra mattucci

    In the silence I whisper ‘amen’ to each word written & unwritten within YOUR page:) xoxo

  • Patricia Decker

    She is like a tow rope. Much of my daily intake, everything, carries the messages I am piece ‘ing together. With my red notebook, I note the impact. How hard the snow? if the temperature will wither the convictions by which I “know” me. But do I want to know the me _ anymore? …or just more… The input is everywhere. With the red notebook, I make note of the journey to know what is me, more. Hello.
    Today, the Cape and Kettle Pond, sent ripples of excitement into this journey. That cold pond reaches right down to your center. Thank you, dear Oracle.

  • Holly Wren Spaulding

    I have a set of oracle cards that I made myself. It has been my plan to return to them this month, as I started to refine the language on the during a short residency this spring. Seems we’re on a similar wavelength! Enjoy your conference and see you in August.

  • Tasha

    This conference, and your class, sound amazing! Hopefully one day we’ll meet in person, maybe at an event like this. I really resonate with the idea that we have the wisdom we need inside us already, we just have to find it.
    Lately I’ve been noticing that the stars want to align, I just need to make enough internal space so that I can see the possibilities for connections. I try to let other activities go and make a little time for hand spinning yarn at the end of the day before I go to bed, and I find it’s a great time to listen to my inner voice as well. When my hands are busy doing something I find both productive and soothing, it somehow frees up my mind and spirit to roam more freely, and I often find connections and new ideas.