Advent Dark Journal Week One

Here is how I navigate this season.

I call it my Advent Dark Journal practice.

Today’s post links you to a foundation post about my approach. That is what it is, an approach. I suggest you work with what I put forward, and let the materials in front of you come to life in your hands…the work you are doing, the dishes you are washing, the bulbs you are planting, the real estate you are negotiating, the people you are supporting…make it your own. I will walk along with you from Advent through Epiphany, posting prompts weekly.

Maybe this will be the advent of a few epiphanies?


In the first week of Advent and our Dark Journal practice, light one candle in your work space

Light one candle

“It is so easy, in late November and December, to put your inner resources on overdrive. Checking email just now, there was a pulse of incoming mail running up my finger as it rested on my delete button, while I read what I wanted of the many, many emails coming in on CyberTuesday.

I get persuaded, at least 20 times a day, that what I currently have is not enough…

(stencils, inner calm, places to donatedonatedonate, holiday vegan, paleo, green, raw, classic, or pet treats, meditation recordings to make it through the holidays.) I want to raise my painty hand and suggest that you already have everything you need to navigate this month.”

Read more.


Here is to our enough–ness,




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  • Ann

    Hello Suzi, Welcome Back! I hope you had a good homecoming with your family. Now we prepare for Advent. I sat and made my Advent Plan last weekend which means I now only have two things to put in place and for once I will be ready. I’ve even put a couple of adventures in there to push me outside my comfort zone. Thanks for the link. It chimes harmoniously with what I hope to enjoy and discover during Advent. Like you, I have some lavender at the ready – only mine is a facial spray which is sitting in the fridge ready for relief in the heat! ✨

  • Christine Mercier-Ossorio

    Dear Suzi,
    I am so glad your raised your “painty hand”.
    Whoa! and I really need ‘whoa’-ing.
    Am in Spain again and even here the season is getting a bit carried away. So thank you gentle teacher. A dark advent post is just what I needed.
    Blessings to you,
    Chris O.

    • Suzi

      Long time since you commented, but lots of love to you Christine. Glad Dark Advent served you well. xoS