Women Writing From the Heart

Photograph by Lori Landau @2013

Photograph by Lori Landau @ 2013

We, women, mothers, artists, are fabricating a new archeology by creating art from the immediacy of our daily lives. In celebrating these acts, by harnessing the massive power of women’s voices- muffled for centuries and strengthening daily, by telling just how it is for you and me telling just how it is for me, we construct something not meant to compost with the banana peels, but to reside in our collective memory and to be carried on.

This quote is from a post I wrote on Laundry Line Divine last May.

Lori Landau commented on that post. She has become a very dear friend. Lori took the photograph of these slips in the home of her artist friend Heidi in California. This capture just tantalizes me beyond measure. Lori has an art exhibit this month, showing in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Here are the details.

Lori at exhibit

I will be reading a piece of Laundry Line Divine: A Wild Soul Book for Mothers at The Mount- yes, Edith Wharton’s estate here in the Berkshires at this event for the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. Here are more details.


I hope this post finds you well and warm.

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  • Ravani

    Oh, Suzi, your reading at the Mount sounds wonderful and I wish I could be there. Unfortunately, I have to work. Please let me know how it went. And have fun!