Where I am creative: Monte San Savino

Sitting in a cafe right now, where, if you close your eyes, you will hear neither television and cell phone activity. The fact that I am on my computer at all is due to the kindness of the cafe owner, lovingly referred to by us as our ‘Illymahn’. I can hear doves cooing. Coffee cups being stacked. Families negotiating the morning.

Here, I am as Thich Naht Hahn writes:

I have arrived.
I am home,
in the here,
in the now.
I am solid.
I am free.
In the ultimate
I dwell.

from “The Long Journey Leads to Joy”

Painting. Sketching. Long walks in dry olive groves. Just so simply to say, I am on a vacation with my family and this is all.

I have the blessed impracticality of multi-tasking.

Being distracted by dragonflies, German speakers, choral praises to the Virgin Mary as all of France paused in their vacations to honor the Holy Mother.

How about you? Where are you pausing?
I’d love to hear from you by way of a comment.
With love from Italy,

#familyadventure #italy #lavendar xoS

PS That laundry image above is by my German daughter Anna taken on a small island off the coast of Italy. Danke Anna!

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  • Lori Landau

    there is something about America–what is it? the rush to be productive, to compete, to be bigger, to be better, to be seen, to hide behind walls, to get things done, to get there, to make it, to win, to get paid? that makes it almost impossible to fully sit, in the self as one can in France, or Italy or Amsterdam or any other place I’ve been in Europe. I had the same sense as you, in France and just re-lived it a little through your sense-filled posts (in both senses of the word). Enjoy the respite. xo

    • Suzi

      Oh Lori, thank you for your presence here. xo S

  • Daniel J

    Well, right now I am transported to Italy and am staying there as long as possible…. otherwise, trying not to cry on the Subway in front of strangers, as I pack Jack up for college. Oh my. We take him up Thursday! Love to your sweet fam, and to cypress, olive and fennel — xoxo, D

    • Suzi

      Oh my DHJ. How I treasure your tears, laughter and joy. Tons of love right back to you, S

  • janet

    sigh. sounds heavenly!

  • Becky

    Hello to you and all,
    I am working on decluttering my space to make room for creativity! My art bag is waiting to be unpacked. 🙂 Hugs all around, Becky

  • Suzi Birdsall

    I am getting ready for my trip to Italy and will look for hidden messages in Tuscany. Thanks for reminding me about SLOW DELICIOUS travel…

  • Tammy

    I love being blessed by the impracticality of multi-tasking! What a lovely statement.