Tiffany Shlain at TEDxWomen.

Watch live streaming video from tedxwomen at

If you like this, you can watch live stream videos of the talks that are happening in the last 2 days at these great gatherings of women- in California,Jane Fonda is hosting a wide variety of women and girls, in fact, there are TEDxWomen events all over the country. I urge you to watch a few of these, share and discuss with your partners, families and friends what you hear here.

I am heading off to show my FeMail work at The Alchemy Initiative Handmade Holiday Festival today and tomorrow. While all this holiday fun is stirring, I am also creating a new place on my website to open the discussion of mothering and creativity to a wider audience. During the early months of 2012, guest bloggers from around the world, women, mothers, writers, artists that I am somehow connected to, will post on, which is a page here on the Laundry Line.

I am, as my pal Janine Francolini says, beyond excited and moved to tears at the global collaboration that is happening as women gather to share, support and expand our understanding. Especially today, while I hold the space in my soul for the fierce feminine fun that is FeMail and the reality of women’s lives in Afghan, I know that the gift in that expanse of experience is in how I connect.

Do you have some thoughts you’d like to share about mothering and creativity?
Or, as Tiffany shared, about connection?
Please let me know if you’d like to share them here.
Your comments and contributions will be welcome.

Until then, I will, as women at TEDxWomen all over the United States this week, stand to celebrate women speaking up about their lives, the beauty of their vision and their desires for comfort, safety and pleasure for all.


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