Taking stock and looking forward: Sankalpa

This rainbow landed on a magazine photo of this elephant that hangs next to my art table.

I am deep in preparation for my sankalpa session with Karen tomorrow. We will look at our work over this past year and collect our sankalpa (or some may call them desires) for this New Year. Below is one definition of sankalpa, which is so close to my understanding of my desire, that they are one and the same to me. Not a wish list, not a gift list, but something deeper and resonant. By looking over our work of this past year, the themes that emerge and manifestations of our sankalpa from last year begin to take more tangible form. There is something of print making impression that our lives make upon us that develop a pattern- which I dare say is the stuff of my manifesto…but this is getting very wordy.
For now, I give you this definition and then a beautiful interview with Meryl Streep who speaks about her choices around her career and family life. This video continues to populate the ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ manifesto with poignant and clear expressions of the vital importance for our creativity to be expressed. Listen to her very last sentence. You will know what I mean then.

The juicy, precision sankalpa is the resolve, determination and good intention that resonates precisely in your core and aligns sublimely with your essence . It is fluid enough to insinuate itself through the semi conscious patterns of self sabotage, wounded self’s objections and ego discontent. It is a will power that is flexible enough to account for changing circumstances as the sankalpa begins to manifest in your inner and outer world. Yet it is precise enough not to be diverted by the core negative beliefs that stand against it.

this definition of sankalpa is from Saraswati Yoga

Yes, your creativity is important,

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  • Jennifer Gandin Le

    What a gal. “Older women are terrifying to this culture.” Oh yes, the most delicious kind of terrifying. When she says this, I get a taste of how powerful we are as women, throughout the life course. Here’s to scaring the shit out of the world.

    • Suzi

      I fell in love with the leader of the pack! Yes, I agree Jennifer. I am here to scare the shit of of the world too. Fierce and ever so curious. xoox Love, S

  • monica Devine

    She moves me to tears simply because she is so real; not a shred of egotism; a divine wife and mother, roles she takes seriously above all else; and yet she says she couldn’t “teach” acting…she doesn’t know “how” she does it; it simply comes from her being; which is a lot like writing and art; you’re not sure where it will end up, you just trust it will come to fruition somewhere, hopefully with a shred of intelligence, humor and catharsis. A remarkable woman, indeed.

    • Suzi

      Meryl teaches in her doing, by her deep dives in to the unknown. I am sure she does her own style of research and preparations, but what she creates as a result of that stirs a willingness in me to jump in to my own work with such bravery. I have always been inspired by her. So glad you enjoyed this post Monica. My dear friend and wonderful actress herself, Kathy Hiler, recommended it to me. xo S

  • Tammy

    What Jennifer said!

    • Suzi

      Tammy! I wonder if you have seen Amy Cotler’s book, The Locavore Way ? It is your zone, exactly. So glad you are here. Love, Suzi

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