Sunday after #Nemo

Snow Heart by Suzi Banks Baum

Winter has settled around our feet like an overfed cat.
The wind carries snow upwards to sparkle in the air,
sends dervishes whirling across the drifted roadways.

I have kept the fires lighted here at home.
Making really good food.
Eating it after playing in the snow.
And completing my canvas for the 10X10on10 Arts Festival in Pittsfield.



Edge of The Life of the Sleeping Lady by Suzi Banks Baum

January Marsch Kerr joins us today in the Out of the Mouths of Babes blog series on mothering and creativity. Her vivid description of the changes wrought within her by becoming a mother are captured in her words and images. Life events, natural events alter us, at times, deeply, with seismic shifts in our characters, our momentum and purpose. I am so delighted to welcome January in to this discussion.


My family did a lot of skiing this weekend.

I took a nap this weekend and I wasn’t even sick.
How about you?
A nap?
Snow angels?

I hope this finds you cozy.
Xo S

P.S. Here is a set of #whatinspiresme via Alchemy Initiative, who with WAM Theatre and the Y Bar in Pittsfield is hosting this art festival.

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