You are for me a sacred refuge. May I offer you the same.

we make these in Sacred Refuge Sundays

we make these in Sacred Refuge Sundays


What happens here, happens because we gather.

Less and less, more and more, it becomes clear to me that showing up means everything.
Right now, in my community, a woman who has shown up for me, a bright angel, is in a mortal struggle with her
well being. If she were to grace this page with her eyes, I would only want her to see and know the beauty and kindness she
has ever shared with me and the community in which we live.

And I would want her to know I am grateful.

When you gather with your people, things happen. Hilarious things.
Touching things. Mistakes happens. Cookies happen.
If you are fortunate, cakes happen.
And sometimes birthdays.

Just don’t let the chance to gather pass you by.
Showing up for and with your people, even your potential people, new people who share an interest,
is how we let love come upon us, like weather, it pulls in just as you are tugging your keys out of the ignition.

See, you got here.
Love came too.

You become a cove, a safe harbor, the one who sends quotes in brief emails.
You provide, in your offer, a sacred refuge of knowing.
We are received by one another.

I urge you to let yourself be known for your smile, your generosity and your baked goods.

Make your mark.
And know you have made it.
So that when the hour comes and you must say goodbye, we both know we have loved and lived well.

Hug your people today.
Hug the ones who don’t really want a hug.
Let yourself be known.


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  • barbara newman

    grateful for you, and the beauty you bring. xo

    • Suzi

      Thank you Barbara. To you also, beauty, kindness and light. xoS

  • Amy

    beautiful, suzi! xxooo

    • Suzi

      Thank you Nel. I fear I missed a siting of you but am glad to have you here. Wish you were near more. xoS

  • Teresa

    Your lovely lines about the bright angel brought tears.
    Thank you for an encouraging reminder to hug who we still have
    on this fleeting adventure.

    • Suzi

      Yes Teresa. I think we get these bright angels in our life….not a limited amount, but significant and worth noting. Sending you love and see you tonight! xoS

  • Holly

    Lovely post this morning, Suzi. I appreciate the sentiment and agree with you, “when you gather with your people, things happen.”
    In other news, you are known for your peach jam, which sustained me, with yoghurt, for many days. I used the last tasty drop yesterday morning. Delicious nectar of summer.

    (P.S. The beautiful image was a little blurry and pixelated in the email, possibly due to the size of the file?)

  • Linda

    “when you gather with your people, things happen.” Hugs, sentiment, tears, laughter, and open hearts. Thank you for being YOU! Looking forward to more Sacred Refuge — a gathering of my people.

  • Brenna

    Oh, Suzi, you do good work. Important work. Thank you for holding sacred space through your words and actions. <3

  • Sara

    Suzi, so beautifully said…I have been thinking quite a bit about that temporary refuges we all need regularly, those stop-the-world-I-am-getting-off moments or hours or weeks. Your words suggest I have overlooked something very important, the moments of refuge we offer one another, perhaps even unaware that we are doing so.


    your MOM WAS SUCH A POSITIVE LADY.she gave you so much positive encouragement, IT COME THRU IN ALL YOUR WRITING.happy to know you AS MY NIECE/!!!!!!!

    • Suzi

      Thank you Aunt Anne! What an honor to have you here on my website. I appreciate your kind words. They mean the world to me. xo Your devoted niece, Suzi