Put the dark stuff in to your journal. Here is how.

Put the dark stuff safely in your journal

This is what my journal page looks like afterwards. Now I can move on. The story is out of my head and no longer running the show. It is one of the stories of my life, but not THE story. Getting our dark stuff on to the page helps with the flow of your creative energy. You can move on!


It happens in almost every class I teach. A woman spends a whole session writing and responding to prompts, putting words on paper like paint on the sky-splashy and gorgeous, active and exciting. Then, as class comes to a close, she says, “I won’t be coming back. There is no way I can keep this stuff in a journal at home. What if someone reads it?”

We all, believe me, ALL OF US, have stuff that goes on inside our heads, in our lives, in our past, that we do not want to commit to paper.

What if someone reads our dark stuff?

It feels like a dangerous act to create a permanent record of something we want so much to forget. But, by not getting those memories or thoughts out of the cage of your mind, those negative experiences continue to color your days, interrupt your joy, and keep you from the fullest expression of your whole self.

Those stories which cause you shame or grief operate as a toxic spritzer every time you begin an exciting project by hissing doom and disappointment.  They exist as poison that taints every new effort that you make towards joy. Maybe they stay silent for years, but suddenly reappear when you are about to make a big positive change in your life.

Here is a Care For Your Creative video that offers a journal technique that might help you with those dark stories. Leave me a comment and do share with a friend! (if the video does not appear in this post, right there ↓….go here or refresh your browser.)






You can see more of Valerie’s work here. 

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  • Susan Fassett

    Thank you so much for the amazing simple suggestion of “ceremoniously burying ” deep dark thoughts.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Susan. If you pick up this technique let me know how it works for you. I will post more about it in the coming weeks. I am so glad you are here! With love, Suzi

  • Janet

    Lovely, brave and warm.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Janet! Somedays bravery comes easily. Others, I misplace it, but when I see certain sights, I recall…Oh yes, there it is. You remind me. xoS

  • Bryony Smith

    So helpful, Suzi. I’ll try this. The spiraling shameful places in me that need a voice thank you. I’ve recently been doing the exercises in Byron Katie’s Loving What Is and have found it so helpful to relate to my thoughts in wiser way. <3

    • Suzi

      Oh Bryony, this is all such important work. Please tell those spiraling shameful places that I send my love. xoS

  • Ursula

    Dear Suzi, how could you Know over the Ocean that These days bring so much dark thoughts to me? my Journal feels so Heavy- i will Cover These heaviness and hope to make it more light.
    Thank you
    Xoxoxo Ursula

    • Suzi

      I am so glad, dear Ursula. I know that many of us are struggling these days. This process gives dignity to our expression, then commits it to safe keeping, and then, by embellishing the space, it can change in to something else. But you have the benefit of expressing fully. Here is much love, from my journal to yours, xooxS

  • Julie

    really lovely, Suzy! I love the words you use to describe this process, and can I just add that I love the color of the wall behind you? Cozy, warm color for a studio!

    • Suzi

      That is great Julie-the walls are something like mahogany and chestnut-my friend Lydia guided us on color choices. She is a color wizard, for sure. I hope you can try this technique. I’d love to hear how it goes. xoS

  • stephanie

    suzi, I love this! and you of course.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Stephanie! Me too you! xoxoS