Powder Keg Writing Helps Me Show Up

Peace of mind comes piece by piece

Perfect tea fortune for a collage marathon

This turbulent time calls for more of our full selves, which is sometimes hard to muster. Handling the news lately feels like a pressing occupation that is important but confusing at the same time.

Can you find your way through?

Numerous lists are circulating on social media about how to care for your self when the world feels unsettled. Deep winter, no matter where you live, calls for hibernating to gestate ideas and dreams. In the US, our hibernation period has been rattled by political unrest.

How do you honor your instinct for self-care in this season, while also showing up as your strongest self in the world?

You know my answer is always to dive deeper in to your daily practice and see what jewels are revealed.

Write more. Have more time in solitude. More time in nature, or curled around a small dog in a chair with a cup of tea and a book..These seeming indulgences are what ready our inner life for our busier seasons, busier cycles, and busy hours of our days.

I am away at a collage marathon. Collage is one of my art forms. This weekend, in the company of 14 other artists in one studio space, we are making work for 100 hours together. Four full days of art making. I know, it sounds like heaven to some of you, and it is. BUT ALL of my panic buttons are pushed. I love it and hate the work I am making. I can’t figure out why I thought this was a good idea.
But, of course, to someone else in this current state I would say, that I have to show up.

Here are two small pieces I worked on today. I paint paper and then turn it in to other things. So these two small boards have layers of paint and vintage lace and my version of the iconic “Sleeping Lady” inspired by the sculptures of the Divine Feminine on the island of Malta.

Show up to make collages at the Woodshed V marathon

Two small collages by SBB

You cannot read the writing in this photo, but the words are this:

Never think that you are worthless.
God has paid an enormous amount for you,
and the gifts keep arriving.

I have to take my own medicine.
Show up no matter what low opinion I have of my work.
Let go of the results.
And take really good care of myself along the way.

Do you want to show up for your daily writing practice? Please join me for the next Powder Keg Online Writing Workshop. We begin this Thursday and registration closes on Thursday at 12 Noon EST. You can learn all about the class here.

For a taste of Powder Keg, you can listen to this centering meditation. We begin our Powder Keg workshop with a centering practice in order to bring our whole selves to the page. Please enjoy this recording and see if it speaks to you. Use it before you write in your journal today. (Refresh your browser if the Sound Cloud image does not appear on this page or go here to listen.)

I’d love to have you at the virtual writing table with us!
If you have questions, please contact me here.

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  • Janet

    “I can’t figure out why I thought this was a good idea” was basically my response to childbirth, but the outcomes there also worth the effort. Thank you for this centering (in fact around a small dog). xo

    • Suzi

      How many things have we gotten in to that have had such a rollicking result, right? The marathon was a blast, in the end. I met some intriguing people and made some work and spent time with dear friends. And I am home now. And life, she carries on. Soon, a Tuesday. xoS