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I am love drunk today.
I spent the weekend with my beloved Eunice Scarfe and Amy Ferris at the International Women’s Writing Guild Big Apple Conference. We wrote, bare hearted writing, big step writing, the kind of writing that flows from you when you are in safe shelter. I overheard a participant say, “There is no other place like this.”

An Anthology of Babes

I sold copies of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice and spoke to many women who are interested in sharing their stories about mothering and creativity.

Today I am heading out to The Community Bookstore in Park Slope Brooklyn to peddle my books.
And be sustained by poetry, even in the subway.

Have you found any poetry in public lately?

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  • rosellen

    Good for you for selling some of your books and going out to “peddle” some today.
    I am in an anthology called Fresh Ink VI, an anthology of poets. It’s on Amazon.com
    I wish more sold. maybe I will eventually “peddle” some books
    I like the cover on your book.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Rosellen, the cover of the anthology uses art from a collage of mine that appears in full in the book. I will look up your anthology. I am consuming alot of poetry this month! xo S

      • rosellen

        thank-you. the cover of fresh ink has a drawing by one of the poets.

  • kdivasilver

    Love drunk is perfect. I’m still glorying in it.

    • Suzi

      Katherine, that drunkenness got me through to late Monday. And helped me digest this whole week. I am so glad to meet you! xo Suzi

  • Lorrin Krouss

    As always, Suzi, you are overflowing with enthusiasm. It is contagious. I will alert son and daughter-in-law, Park Slope dwellers, that The Anthology of Babes is now on sale at the Community Book Store. They need to shout-out to all their friends. You are amazing!

    • Suzi

      Thank you Lorrin for promoting the book in Park Slope. The Community Bookstore has a copy to sell and it would be grand for it to fly off the shelf! So much love to you! S

  • jennifergandinle

    I was so dazzled to find that the MTA is now printing poems on the backs of MetroCards. Poetry in Motion, indeed!

    • Suzi

      Poetry in all places, especially my heart and yours, xoxox Jennifer. Lots of love, S