Paying attention at the end of September

” If everything, even the ordinary chores of your life only receive a slim sliver of your attention, how will you notice the changes? If we never look up, how will we recognize the way ahead?”


make of your life an offering, by paying close attention

Backyard Art Camp offering
photo credit: Francine Caulfield

I know. Oh honey, I know. So many distractions. So much crazy talk, so many catastrophes, so many places to put your attention. I get it.

During the last days of September, just as the frost grabs the nasturtiums, the apples crisp, and the flood waters recede, consider taking a little time outside. Make of yourself an offering. Take a rest under a tree. Look up at the sky. Let the earth hold your prayers. Watch butterflies. Pay undivided attention to leaves. Hug your people. Greet the coming of the Full Moon. Let your belly soften. Breathe just a little more deeply, touch your center with breath.

I am here, wading through, preparing for Armenia in October. Nancy Lee at Elixir is hosting a Going Away Party for New Illuminations on Thursday, October 19 at 7 PM. If you want to be on the mailing list for news about my residency in Armenia, go here.

There are so many places hurting in the world right now. Please offer suggestions for places to donate for relief in Puerto Rico, Houston, Mexico City, and beyond. Janet suggested this as a resource for stranded animals in Puerto Rico.

Here is much love to you,


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