My favorite postcard of the holiday season

KAS to SBB832

You do realize that tonight is the ninth day of Christmas, right?

My Mom taught me to appreciate and have my tail saved by the Twelve Days of Christmas. This practice softens my panic to get every freakin’ little thing done by the stroke of midnight on December 24th. And it allows a bit of surprise to carry me in to the New Year.

Who knows when a certain special something will show up to cheer me on a frigidly cold and windy day?

Why, today, my FeMail art partner, Karen Arp-Sandel, with whom I make art and a whole lot of fun, sent me this one-of-a-kind collaged postcard. We sell these at various art events in December and whatever escapes the keen eyes of holiday shoppers, we mail to our special friends.

And how special is this one? That is a New Yorker from the 1940s behind that snappy jester gal.

Thanks Karen!
Here is to a new year of more art, adventure and FeMail!

Here’s where you can learn more about FeMail.
Our next event is an evening program at Kripalu in March, then a day-long workshop with Alchemy Initiative on Saturday April 27th.

xo S

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  • Geri

    I get the New Yorker theme…a long time subscriber but in this case do you realize that the collage that shows the last letters of the title is ER… I do belive that is Ella Rose. xo G.

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    I do so very much agree! xo S