Me and Sam Lardner dancing the last days of August

 a doorway in St. Tropez by Suzi Banks Baum

What do you do when you walk in to your creative space? When you close the door? What happens? Do knocks suddenly disturb you? Does your mate love a closed door?

Some days my family hovers out there, talking over what they’d prefer to lay at my feet and I cannot help but stop, lay down my brushes or pens or pencils and sanity and open the door and be the Mom, the center of the spiral here.

We have begun this discussion on the Out of the Mouths of Babes blog series II, with Rachelle Panagarry and Lori Landau among the guest bloggers.

I have several more for you, but today, Miranda Hersey Helin posted this, which is perfect.

Have you delved in to Pinterest?
Here is what I am pinning lately.
I like to play there, let myself be stirred by the images I put up and what others share.
And, when I am just stuck and cannot deal with the interruptions from outside my door or within my own, I dance.

Today, it is to Sam Lardner and his new album, which is exquisite.
You can get a taste of Sam’s music on his site.

Someone that inspires me in May. Sam Lardner and Nuna Gee performed at Kripalu Saturday. Stunning Flamenco fusion

How about you? Is there a ripple effect that happens when you close a door?
Does quiet time to think come easily for you?
Are you, like me, celebrating the beginning of school days?
Or, like my friends who are waving good bye to their college bound teens, feeling the quiet a bit too heavy on your shoulders?

Dance. Dance. Dance.
And let your hands express what your heart has to say.
xo Love,

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