Love Note for the Museum of Motherhood


Have you stopped over to the Museum of Motherhood blog lately?
There are great discussions happening there about Re-Framing Motherhood.
Fueled by the passion of Joy Rose and Dr. Amber Kinser, the site is a cyber-home for a vision of a real live museum dedicated to archiving, celebrating and communicating about Motherhood.

There are events coming up this spring.
FeMail will be blogging there every Tuesday through Mother’s Day.

I count on your discussion.
I celebrate what you are doing as women in the world today, children or not, you are creating, and this, I honor.

1983 at the Laundry Line

Here is my Mom, Joanne Ruth Schauer Banks Schmeling doing one of her favorite things. One of mine too. Boy, do I miss her today.

Hope your day is Springy!
Love, S

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  • Alexandra

    Hello, had to stop over and introduce myself to you. Thank you for the stunning comment you left on my post at BlogHer.

    I have a 16 yr old, too, and I just drove him to his first job interview yesterday.

    I’m still a crumpled mess on the floor.

    Lovely to meet you!

  • suzi

    The teapot is on.
    Wish I could share our dinner with you. My daughter would love to meet your guys. And the 16 year olds could compare pects…or math answers.

    Love that you stopped over, Suzi

  • Carol

    Hugs to you ~ love from blog frog ~ great to meet another person from MA ^_^

    • suzi

      Hi Blog Frogger! Carol, I look forward to learning to leap frog with you! Thank you for stopping in here. Lots happening today.
      Love, Suzi

  • Kathy

    Hi, Suzi! I read this a week or so ago, and visited the Mom Museum. Have been pondering how our relationships with our children change as they age, leave home, start new lives. How I find myself less identified as a “mother” even though, of course, I still am. Still talk with my kids–sometimes, daily, sometimes weekly–but feel a distance with the word “mother” and more a connection with the word “friend”. This has puzzled me a little. Hard to find words to even explain it. Always love stopping by your blog.

  • Kathy

    P.S. OK, now I’ve been looking at the picture of your smiling mother and imagining how you are missing her presence in your life. Thinking about my mother and already imagining that ache in my heart…

  • suzi

    How did I get so lucky as to land a friend like you Kathy?
    Your big heart reaches me through our blogs every single day.
    Thank you for reading and seeing me.
    You are right.
    All my love, Suzi

  • Kathy

    awwww…thank you…the same goes your way, too, Ms. Suzi.