Lori Landau at the Open Center in NYC

Pranayama (breath) by Lori Landau do not reproduce or print without permission
This painting is acrylic, string and collage on canvas

During the course of any day at about four p.m., I need a snack.
I need a mental snack, nothing too sweet or intense, something that will lift me out of my timeline enough to allow a deep breath and perhaps a new line of thinking.
Dance breaks do wonders for me.
This one comes from Mary McGinn.
As do dips in to the writing of friends.
I need something refreshing and sturdy, with enough content to stay me through dinner preparations and family chaos. I am always heading towards dinner, when
we four sit down and the much awaited pause of grace, where, hands touching, we say a few words of thanks together. This grace brings me back to the heart of our family.
Today, my snack was this gorgeous post by Lori Landau who has a show of photographs and paintings at The Open Center in New York City through December 14, 2012. Lori’s writing is about meditation and fear, and the power nature exerts on her mindfulness. Even if you don’t consider yourself one who meditates, this post untangles the sometimes-convoluted route from nature to our inner world. It helped me to see how Lori integrates her daily walks into her art, how what she sees is internalized, and then expressed externally again.
Lori takes her outer world inside.
Then she lets that inner world out again, synthesized and permeated with her indelible and unique mark.

Below is information about Lori’s show.

Lori, along with 29 other women authors from ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ will be featured in the upcoming book, “An Anthology of Babes: 30 Women Give Motherhood a Voice”. Please mark March 1, 2013 on your calendar and join us for the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers event at Dewey Hall, in Sheffield, MA. The book will be launched that night. More on all this later.

For now, enjoy this delicious snack for your body, mind and spirit.
With love,

The show is called Works In Series
Lori Landau’s work explores the intimate connection between meditative and creative states. Through her painting and camera lens, nature manifests as a visual poem.
A longtime practicing yogi and meditator, Landau is inspired by the Buddhist concept of interconnectedness. She
is fascinated with intuitive, liminal states.
A spiritual nomad at heart, her work
symbolizes her exploration of sacred mystery.
In her latest black and white series, Landau began to document how agitation and meditation express themselves
via her camera and paintbrush. Exploring the patterns of her emotions, photographs
and paintings intuitively map the yin and yang of both light and what many cultures call “ the shadow side.”
Though these works are abstract, Landau began to notice watery faces and features floating up from
the surface of many of her photos and paintings, mirroring her other obsession: drawing portraits.

New York Open Center
22 East 30th Street
New York, New York
Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri | 11am – 6pm

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