#NaPoWriMo gets personal with Lori Landau, Lorna Crozier and Lorrin Krouss

Lori Landau Lorna Crozier

April is National Poetry Month and I am celebrating with my friends.
Here is Lori‘s latest collaboration with a poem.

Over in the Powder Keg Sessions department of this site, Lorrin Krouss has a new poem titled A Bookworm’s Dilemma. This humorous peek in to the passion of a mother who reads, will bring a smile to anyone who has let the kids run wild while you fall in to the arms of your favorite author.

Celebrate National Poetry Month on Laundry Line Divine


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  • rosellen

    like it 😉

  • Lorrin Krouss

    Thank you, Suzi, for sharing the beautiful and so very honest words as well as the photographs of the very talented Lori Landau. After looking at the photos and reading over and over again her words, I understood when Lori wrote “my own internal state is affected by what’s happening around me”. I put aside all plans for today, tore up my “to-do” list and headed out for a long walk on a nature trail. I looked at all the buds appearing on what was winter’s pile of twigs and knew that soon, they would become full-blown bushes. I felt peaceful and thought not of what was churning inside, but what my eyes were absorbing, which was renewal of spirit and soul.

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