Laundry Line Divine on Women Who Thrive

‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ blog guest blogger, Sherry Collier has welcomed one of my posts on her site, Women Who Thrive. You can find it here.

Today, a new post by Beth Bornstein Dunnington launches our ‘Out’ blog series II. We will be writing about ‘place and space and how where you work affects what you create and about what happens when you work, within the context of your family’.
Beth writes about the ocean. She has lived on both the Atlantic and now the Pacific and it’s grandeur and menace permeate her expression.

Thank you to Lori Landau for re-connecting Beth and me. Oh, I heave a big sigh of pleasure to know how small and intricately beautiful this world is….and, like the ocean, menacingly terrifying.

Today, I am grateful for the web of women finding their voices and having found them, sharing them with us on the Laundry Line.
The sun is shining today.


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