Journal Questions: Where Does Value Reside In You?

Your story has value

Clumpy rain is falling in the Berkshires.
That would not be snow, would it?  I am preparing to teach Sacred Refuge this weekend. Which means that right now, I could be clearing off the studio table and brewing tea.

But I wanted to send a small note, just to
remind you of this true thing that Rebecca
Soling writes.

My daily creative practice is one way I touch
in to my value, no matter what else is going
on in my life, or in the world.


Where do you experience your own intrinsic value?

How does value reside within you?

Where might you cultivate it?

Where do you stand for your own value?


Do you feel that your story as a place in this world?


On Rising Forth I celebrate stories of women in a variety of ways.

Here is the 2017 Out of the Mouths of Babes call for submissions.

Here are writing prompts to get you started.

Here is some back story on discovering my value.

None of this is that extraordinary you know. I bet there are things you have learned in the recent past that you never thought you could do. All these things I do are just different faces of my creativity pouring forth. I guess those early collages or playing at boy who turns in to a rat opened the gates of my creativity and they have never completely closed. In the process of writing my book, I have begun to see and celebrate the value my creativity has brought to my becoming the happy, excited, authentic mature woman who I am today. Yes, I can say that with full authority. I thank all the glue sticks, morning-glory seeds and embroidery floss that I have ever touched for leading me to this moment of recognition.


I bring questions like these in to my journal, into conversations with friends, and here, to you. I’d be curious to know your thoughts.


Happy April!



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