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There is power in creative community and we are our own and one another’s best resource. Join the rampant sisterhood. Rise with us.

And suddenly, you see another road open up. This track you’re on, however familiar, isn’t the only way. And so you shake up your life, you sit on the back porch with your lunch instead of in front of your screen, you listen to the leaves at night instead of headphones taking you elsewhere, you wake in the morning with light in your face and decide, today? I will call that friend for a walk. Today, I will pick up those watercolors. Today, I will excavate that knitting project. Today, does not have to be perfect, but joy does get to be now, connection is more important than the dishes and rising is more fun than this low-grade wallow that colors years.

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“ I’ve been reading Suzi’s blog for a long time and always love the way I’m touched. The words glide off the page and into my heart.” – Ditte Ruderman

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It strikes at the heart of despair that so much of the work and care a woman expends enriching the lives around her and in the world at large is, at best, taken for granted, like sunshine or water, and often ignored.

When women come together with intention, they value and validate one another. I believe that what we most miss is something that was an integral part of ancient cultures-the circles of women joining together to weave, work clay, prepare food and watch children play, and in so doing, valuing the gifts of one another.

In the words of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes:

“Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.”

Daily creative practice is a voice lesson for your deep truth, and it will help you notice what is uncomfortable or intolerable in your life and give you the nubile courage to make small changes in the direction of your joy.

I’ve seen my students literally move out of the audience and on to the stage, living from that place of resourcefulness, rich in experience and possibility and infinitely curious about how to engage with the world from this place of wholeness.

I give women the permission and the platform to express what our culture would rather have tucked away in numbered lists and flowery scrapbooks. There are not enough places in our lives where our full truth is welcome or seen as part of the diverse picture of our culture.

And so many of us don’t tune into that truth, especially when the culture would rather not hear it. I DO want to hear it, and I want you to hear the truth of so many other women who, like you, long for rich and intimate conversations and experiences. Now more than ever, your story matters.

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